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"If there is one thing I hope to leave this world, is my self reflective introspective of of humanity and the knowing I did my part to make it a healthier and happier place."

 —WiL Turner

Full Body Workout at Home without Equipment

How well are you taking care of your health?

Well, it's no surprise that given the Covid-19 pandemic has birthed a new generation of couch surfers, it is never too late to take back your health. To be honest, fitting in going to the gym or an at-home workout might be difficult and frustrating for us all, which is why the following article has compiled the ultimate 30-minute FITT workout for you. Happy news, this workout routine requires (wait for it) *no equipment or weights*. You may also ask yourself, is a 30-minute workout effective? The answer is an absolute yes! Any type of physical activity is beneficial to your health.

However, it is recommended those starting out for the first time should see a physician. You should gradually start your routine with warming up and moderate physical activity, which does not initially require you to use weights. Keeping in mind proper form is very important when exercising. If you're new to working out, a daily exercise routine of 30 minutes is a good place to start.

You will need a yoga mat, water bottle, and towel

A great circuit routine begins with at least a 10-minute warmup while completing several exercises which target your muscles groups simultaneously. 4 sets of between 12 to 15 reps of 5 to 6 different exercises with only 30 seconds rest intervals between each exercise while focusing or form and the functional purpose of the exercise within the time limit while retaining the correct form.

Before moving on to the full body exercises at home, map out a plan of your physical health goals and the days and times you have realistically to work out. If you are short of time, watch the FIITT With Wil Video channel or download the FIITT with WiL 30-minute workout at home exercise routine designed for beginners and those who are advanced.

High Knees

To begin, get on the mat in a standing posture. Raise your right leg to hip level whilst maintaining your feet flexed and pushing your left forearm forward as your right elbow returns. Resume a static posture with elbows by your sides, and then switch sides. Continue swapping sides and increasing the speed for a greater challenge. Finish as many more reps as you can in thirty seconds, then go to the next maneuver.

Kicks buttocks

How to:

  1. Begin by standing with your core relaxed.

  2. Raise your right heel around you to contact your right hip flexor.

  3. Return your foot to the floor, then continue from the other side.

  4. Continue swapping sides and increasing the speed for a greater challenge.

  5. Do however many rounds as you can in 30 seconds, then go on with the next exercise.

Jumping Jacks

Stand up straight with your arms by your hips. Jump with your legs spread, a little broader over hip-distance, with your hands raised aloft. Jump your right leg together again and your shoulders down by your sides, then do it again. Finish that many repeats as you can in 1 min, then go onto another maneuver. At the same time, try some healthy meals for weight loss if you are overweight.

Walkouts of Inchworms

Starting from a static position, fold forwards. Start moving hands out till elbows are already over the wrist and the entire body is upright, maintaining legs extended (thighs can indeed be flexed little if the hamstring is stiff). Return your hands to your feet while keeping your thighs as stable as possible. Return to your original position. Finish as many sets as you can in 40 seconds, then go to the next maneuver.

Lateral Bear Crawl from Side to Side

Begin in a bear's plank, resting your shoulders over your forearms, knees beneath your hips, and just a few centimeters off the mat. Move your wrists and ankles to the side for three stages, maintaining your hips straight, your head in level with your tailbone, and your knees off of the ground. Crossing your feet or hands is not a good idea. For three stages, move your feet and hands to the right. In thirty seconds, perform as many passes as possible in different directions and go to the next motion.

Side Planks Alternate

Initiate in a squat elbow position with your shoulder over your elbow and your feet hamstring apart. Rotate the right forearm upward while relaxing on the balls of your feet, freeing out the chest. Return your dominant thumb to the ground and switch allegiance.

Squat with your body weight

Stand up straight. Keep your feet hip-distance apart while your toes are gently pointed out. Sit having your face in the line of your tailbone and your hips shifted back. Descend yourself to the point when your thighs are parallel to the surface. Repeat by driving up through into the heels to upright. In 45 seconds, perform as many repetitions as practicable, then stop for ten seconds. Move to the next step.

In conclusion

The wonderful thing about these full-body workouts at home is that they can be performed anytime and by anybody, irrespective of their fitness level. Everyone should be capable of moving by simply using their own body weight. As you begin to progress and adapt to your bodyweight exercise routine, gradually increase our fitness programs by integrating weights or resistance bands to increase the intensity and variations. . Unless you're a more skilled lifter, you should aim for as many repetitions as feasible. This method of overtraining also serves the purpose of building stamina and endurance.

What's the greatest benefit of regular exercise? Regular exercise slows the aging process improves your strength, flexibility, stability, and stamina. The more often you workout, you will notice in only a few weeks; you will not only notice a transformation in the way you look but also how you feel. Each week try to increase the intensity of your workout by reducing your interval of rest or incorporating dumbbells. There is no time like the present to get in shape. It is never too late! Don't forget to check the FITT 5-day total health transformation fitness and meal planner at the website that can change your life for good.

Try these natural weight management supplements for both burning fat and building muscle mass.

For more tips on how you can get fit. Check out the FIITT With WIL YouTube Video Channel or visit to read more about similar blogs. Improve the way you think, look, feel, socially interact and live. Subscribe to the Living with Wil blog and podcast at Living Well with WiL today. You are not alone! Be healthy.

Be happy, always. Keep spreading and sharing those smiles.

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