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Restorative Men's Health & Wellness Coaching

WiL's Philosophy & Professional Journey

A healthy man is a happy man.

Our lives are measured and enriched by those we are surrounded by, the quality of what we pour into them, who we pour into, and those  who equally pour into us.


Life's many challenges serves the purpose of strengthening our health, mindset, relationships, resilience, confidence, empathy, emotional intelligence, quality of life and faith in knowing every man can overcome social stigmatization, adversity, emotional despair, disappointment, the fear of failure, aging, loneliness, and hopelessness by choosing a positive

mindset and taking care of oneself  to live a healthier and happier life."  

-WiL Turner


Men's Health and Wellness Coach WiL Turner


I have had to forgive, failed, fallen, and start over many times throughout my life.

I've always found myself in spaces where there were few who thought, felt or looked like me.

I've had to let go of relationships, and friendships that were unconducive to

nurturing my health and happiness.

For many years like most men, I suffered alone in silence.

I felt unhealthy, unsupported, unseen, physically out of shape, depressed, overwhelmed, emotionally imbalanced, alone, unfulfilled, and unaccomplished in every aspect of my life.

My life seemed as if it was headed nowhere. 

I finally reached the breaking point where my mind and body was done with work, with unreliable and untrustworthy people, one sided relationships, and with worrying about the uncertainty my future. I was done with life in general!

I needed help but had no one to turn to. I found myself mentally, emotionally destitute, and all alone. 

Growing up without a father, the death of my mother when I was twelve, and having all women primarily as a strong foundation of role models gave me a greater depth of purpose,

self-worth, empathy, compassion, and appreciation for life, my family, friends, and relationships.

After graduating high school and college, exploring many career options, and working in the many occupational fields of service to others, education, acting, modeling, catering, health, wellness coaching, fitness training and mental health, I found purpose and joy in counseling, fitness and wellness coaching while working as YMCA"s Youth Recreation Coordinator, a case  manager with Big Brothers-Big Sisters, a youth leader at Cathedral of Hope and family crisis counselor with the Mental Health Association.

The depth of my empathy for men who must overcome the challenges of many social stigmas is expressed through my personal and professional experience as one who would be considered as a double minority.

That work I do to support men of all backgrounds, and lifestyles continues through Living Well with WiL's men's health, wellness, fitness training programs, and my joining the ranks of ISSA, Equinox Fitness Company top master trainers, nutrition, health, and wellness coaching specialists.

I share my expertise, experience, struggles, and testimony of overcoming stress, anxiety, depression, doubt, loneliness, abuse, and stigmatic social marginalization in a way that is not about me, but to represent and support those of the many men out there suffering in silence who share the same journey and experience.  

My greater purpose and life is dedicated to inform, inspire, empower, uplift, and support men whose lives are mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially impaired by the challenges of negative self talk and the limitations of themselves.

Today I continue the work of nurturing the health and well being of men, my craft in men's health, wellness, fitness program development, and men's health and wellness coaching as Dallas Voice, Voyage Dallas, YMCA, City Sports Fitness, Gold's, and Equinox Gym's best Fitness Trainers,

Health and Wellness Coaches for men in

Dallas Texas, New York,  and Atlanta.  
I work with men of all backgrounds, lifestyles, fitness levels, and ages closely to help them establish measurable and achievable results which nurture progress and the cultivation of healthy mindsets, relationships, bodies, and taking the positive steps
 towards living

the healthy and happy lives they deserve.

Please checkout my services, blog, podcast, upcoming events, and wellness workshops calendar.

I look forward to being of service to all of mankind.

Mountain Cliff Hiker

“To keep our mind and body in good health is a duty and a discipline... otherwise we shall not be able to  nurture healthy relationships, keep our minds strong, focused, and clear, our bodies fit or to live the healthy and happy lives we all deserve."

-WiL Turner

The Benefits of Coaching for Men's Health

  • Establish achievable goals

  • Reverse aging

  •  Improve Quality of Life

  • Increase Mental Acuity

  • Cultivate Emotional Intelligence, Empathy &  Resilience

  • Nurture Self Efficacy, Self Awareness, and Esteem 

  • Set a healthy live work balance

  • Identify physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social limitations to nurture overall health, well-being and healthy relationships

  • Resolve the symptoms of stress, sleeplessness, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and loneliness

  • Improves Physical Health and Appearance

  • Increases Stamina, Endurance & Longevity 

  • Improves Strength, Flexibility, Mobility, and Agility

  • Improves Balance, Coordination and Core Stability


Your journey towards the healthy and happy life you deserve begins where you choose!

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