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Given the alarming statistic of depression, mental illness and self harm among men, Living Well with WiL provides men's health and wellness coaching, men's support groups, destination retreats, workshops, and fitness training programs to help men curate healthy minds, bodies, and relationships through selfcare,

conversation, community, fitness, and giving


In support and collaboration with Living Well with WiL's affiliate organizations, sponsors, local businesses travel agencies, hotels, and resorts;

Restorative Men's Health and Wellness Coaching provides a diverse blend of services in fitness, health, wellness, lifestyle coaching, and travel excursion to help men of diverse backgrounds, lifestyles and orientations take care of themselves and support one another by curating healthy mindsets, bodies, and relationships.   

Family, community, friendship and giving contributes to our lives, mental health and emotional wellbeing. Statistics show that the percentage of mental health programs for men's health and mental wellness or support groups for men averages about 16% compared to women.

The number of  mental health and men's health programs and men's support groups for men of color, gay men, and men living with HIV are even less. 


By subscribing to Living Well with WiL's men's health and fitness programs, blog, podcast and becoming a sponsor your support and gifted proceeds goes to allow Living Well with WIL host wellness retreats around the world in the form of grants for travel, food, and hotel accommodation to support men of all backgrounds, disparages, and lifestyles on their journey towards living

the healthy and happy lives they deserve. 

Friends Exercising Together
Support Group

The FIITT exercise program improves the way you move, look, feel, and live. Regular exercise and healthy eating slows the aging process, improves endurance, strength, stamina, longevity,  flexibility, mobility, balance, and coordination, quality of life, and mental acuity while reducing the symptoms of restlessness, anxiety, and depression. 

Selfcare, communication, social interaction, and travel exploration broadens our horizons.

Living Well With WiL's Men's Restorative Health and Wellness Retreats and men's support groups in Dallas offers men of diverse lifestyles and backgrounds a variety of social outlets for them to socially interact with one another, explore themselves, and the world in ways that profoundly enriches their lives and strengthens their relationships with themselves and others.   

Men's Fitness Health and Wellness Coaching
Support Group

As men we must overcome the social  stigmatizations of masculinity, sexual identity, orientation, lifestyles, and expectations placed on us to compete, and conquer, be competent, hyper masculine supporters, providers, and protectors for our families, friends, work places, and communities.

But who supports, protects, and provides for us?  You are not alone!

Family, friendship, and community attributes to our quality of life. We all are on they journey towards taking care of ourselves and procuring the healthy and happy lives we deserve. 

Living Well with WiL is here to help your process, reset, progress. and guide you on the path towards living the healthy and happy life you deserve. 

Although there are a number of programs and support resources for women, mental health and men's health are critically important now more than ever.

According to Men's Health America, for many men mental health disorders are attributed to emotional, sexual and societal trauma. Men are less likely to express their emotion to speak out or get treatment. Such cases are also less likely to seek treatment or support to be diagnosed out of fear of judgement and further making themselves vulnerable. 


Knowing the statistics can help raise awareness about men's mental and emotional health, encourage men to proactively take a step forward towards getting the treatment and support they deserve to overcome the debilitating limitations of anxiety, depression, stigmatic social marginalization, and lowliness.

Men, feeling depression and anxiety or any other trauma or mental health illness is not unusual and is nothing to feel ashamed of. Other reasons that may impact a man’s mental health journey are culture, sexual orientation, sexual trauma, fatherhood, race, socioeconomic status,   unhealthy and abusive heterosexual and gay relationships. The stigmas of masculinity and sexuality are real and deeply affect men as nearly 1 in 10 men experience depression or anxiety. Of that include men of color,  gay men and gay men of color.

Less than half receive support or treatment.

 More than 4 times as many men as women die by suicide every year. It is imperative we inform ourselves regarding the alarming statistic of men who suffer alone from mental illness, depression, anxiety, and loneliness. 

Support Group

The alarming statistic of mental illness and suicide among men who have been sexually abused, trafficked, living with depression, anxiety, and HIV has opened my eyes to the dire need for more men's health and wellness programs especially for men of color, gay men, and gay men of color.


As one who would be considered a double minority in the categories previously mentioned, with the support of my family, friends, community, and an amazing team of therapists, health and wellness professionals, I have overcome the limitations of anxiety, depression, loneliness,  abuse, negative thinking,  psychological, and emotional trauma, and social stigmatization. 


My purpose and passion is to provide mien of all backgrounds, sexual orientations, and lifestyles with the support, safe spaces, resources, social, and recreational outlets they need and deserve to help them take better care of themselves not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. 

As men both heterosexual and gay, we must overcome the social stigmatizations and expectations of our sexual identity, orientation, lifestyles, and the social expectations placed on us to compete and conquer, be competent, hyper masculine supporters, providers, and protectors for our families, friends, work places, and communities.
But who supports, protects, and provides for us?

Alexa Young, CA


  • Reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

  • Nurture healthy relationships and social bonding,

  • Restore confidence and self efficacy

  • Restore sense of self, confidence, belonging, and Purpose

  • Nurture positive mindsets.

  • Offers social and recreationally outlets for men to engage socially, decompress, and openly express themselves.  

  • Improve physical, mental, and emotional health.

  • Provides men of all backgrounds, orientations, and lifestyles safe spaces, platforms, resources and a community where they can take care of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. 

Boot Camp

Be Empowered To Take Care of Yourself, 
Grow & Heal
In Mind, Body & Spirit!



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