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Living Well with WiL supports men of color, men of the LGBTQIA community, men's health and wellness by helping men of diverse backgrounds and lifestyle choices curate healthy Minds, Bodies, and relationships with themselves, and other men. 

About The Mission and Vison Of Living Well with WiL

There is no greater feeling than the sense of community, acceptance, and belonging. 
One is defined by their character, the manner in which they conduct themselves, those they are surrounded by and how they treat others.
Age, ethnicity, sexual preference, socioeconomic status. nor gender orientation exempts anyone from being treated with respect and embraced with love.

The social mission of Living Well with Wil is to help both hetero and gay men curate healthier mindsets, bodies, and relationships with themselves, and one another by providing safe spaces and the opportunities for them to intellectually, conversationally, and socially engage with one another. 

Living Well with WiL's stakeholders, 
clients, sponsors, donors, and supporters understand the importance of men's health, sexual health, social interaction, and quality of life. 

As the founder of Living Well with WiL and one who is considered a double minority within the LGBTQ community, I develop men's health, and online wellness coaching programs for men to affirm their individuality and diversity, encourage self expression and support the diverse demographic of men from varying backgrounds, lifestyles, and professions seeking safe spaces, life enriching social outlets, and platforms where they can intellectually, socially, and emotionally bond, take better care of themselves and one another.

As men in general, it can be difficult for men to openly express their mental, emotional and social needs and to curate meaningful and healthy relationships.  As members of the LGBTQIA community, gay men must overcome the many social stigmas related to their gender, sexual orientation, physical, and mental health, emotional and social well being. 
In order to erase negative stigmas of male sexuality and masculinity; to procure acceptance, change and unity within the community as it relates to gay men's health, hyper sexuality, mental health, emotional health, and the well-being of all men in general; it is paramount we come together to address the many elephants in the room regarding the normalization of unhealthy sexual practice, the way gay men in particular sexually categorize, objectify, fetishize, socially and sexually engage with one another; while be mindful of the negative stereotypes many detrimentally to the greater good of the whole perpetuate.
My advocacy and purpose is to erase the social stigmatization of mental illness, masculinity, sexuality, and the marginalization of men through awareness and conversations that evidently need to be had. 

Although the primary focus of Living Well With WiL's mission is to promote physical, mental, sexual health, and well-being;
Living Well With WiL also believes that awareness, improving quality of life, health, and wellness of all  men; especially gay men, men of color, young men, and those whose lives are impacted by social stigmatization, marginalization, aging, depression,
stress, anxiety, PTSD, and HIV is universally imperative.  


Men's health and wellness support groups build relationships.

Bridging the gap by erasing social stigmatization and marginalization to nurture healthy individuals and communities through fitness, health, and wellness is the difference. 

By becoming a supporting  donor or sponsor today you can help move forward the mission and development of Living Well with WiL's restorative men's health, fitness, and wellness coaching programs, workshops, and retreats to make them accessible to the many men and young men seeking to live healthier and happier lives.  


Through the access to  a variety of my men's health and wellness coaching program and resource options on the Living Well with WiL Platform, I strive to advocate for men's health initiative and programs by educating, uplifting, empowering, and uniting men of like minds and experiences by bringing them together in safe spaces where they can form healthy relationships, socially bond, express and take care better of themselves.   


Leveraging the combination of  your support, my personal and professional experience in fitness training, men's health and wellness coaching, use of my social media platforms, collaborations, and partnerships with organizations across the Dallas Metroplex grants access to fitness, health and wellness coaching programs for men and young men whose lives are impacted by anxiety, stress, depression, mental illness, PTSD and HIV. 

Myself and my team are dedicated to promoting awareness, and educating men of all lifestyles and backgrounds on the many ways they can nurture healthy relationships, take care of one another and themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. 


Let’s Make A Difference Together!

Your support goes to provide access to health, and wellness resources 

for whose lives are impacted by depression, PTSD, and HIV.  

Showing pride in Dallas, TX.

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Help Living Well with WiL make a difference in the lives of those whose lives are impacted by depression, PTSD, and HIV. 


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There is no greater feeling than the sense of community, acceptance, and belonging.

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