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Be the curator of your own personal style and the way you live. 

Men's health and wellness support group.

WiL Turner

Founder & CEO

The way we look, feel, live, those and the environment we are surrounded by are a reflection of who we are.

As one who  has always been self-aware, worked in the public service, fashion, fitness, health and wellness industry for many years; my confidence,  humility, empathy, personal style, natural eye for details, intuitive depth, and appreciation for beautiful people and things inspired me to extend Living Well with WiL's mission beyond weigh lifting  and meal prepping to help men not only improve their physical bodies, but also their way of thinking and how they live. 

My Queer Eye Friends of DIFFA

When you look great, you feel great. When a man steps into a room or others step into his room, he and everything in that room should reflect who he is and his character.

Social Philanthropy, fund raising to promote men's health and HIV awareness is a big part of my life.

As an extension of the Living Well with WiL Health and Wellness brand my endeavor is to help men of all backgrounds, and lifestyles curate their personal style, wardrobes, and living spaces to further enhance their confidence, freedom of self expression, and quality of life.  

Support goes to organization in Dallas such as DIFFA, Black Tie, Resource Center of Dallas, Legacy, Cares, AIN, Blooming Ball, AIN, and The Turtle Creek Choral.

Friends of Living Well with WiL from Queer Eye supporting DIFFA.
Men's Health and Wellness Coaching Specialist WiL Turner

Curate Your Personal Style, Closets

Home Décor

 Personal style is not limited to your wardrobe but also how you live. By creating spaces which are inviting, and wearing clothes you feel comfortable in are unique reflections of you and the way you live.

 Simple accessories, timeless pieces in your wardrobe, and home décor make bold statements that depict a narrative about you  everyone will remember.

I help my clients make conscious decisions about what they wear and the items they choose for their homes which personally reflect who they are and that tells the narratives of their lives in an inspiring and evoking way.

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