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As men we must overcome the stigmatization of sexual identity, orientation, lifestyles, and the social expectations placed on us to be hyper masculine supporters, providers, and protectors for our falimilies and communities, But who supports, protects, and provides for us? 


A comprehensive workshop designed to help you build and strengthen  a healthyrelationships with yourself and others i s just what you need.  This workshop provides practical tools and strategies for positive thinking, effective communication, emotional conflict resolution, self efficacy, and confidence.


The Restorative Men's Health and Wellness Retreat is a personalized travel excursion, retreat, and wellness coaching workshop designed to help men relax, selfreflect, explore themselves, and the world abroad to free themselves from the mental, emotional, and physical challenges of everyday life. 


This two day self explortion and travel excursion Includes  rountrip air fare, all inclusive retsorative self refelction mens group workshops, ,  message, yoga, meditation, spa treatment, mens group exploration excursion, and support on your journey towards a healthier and happier way of living. 

All Inclusive Restorative Men's Health & Wellness Retreat

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