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Welcome to FIITT

(Fitness Improvement Interval Training Techniques) exercise program. 


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gym-goer, this guide will help you improve the way you lok, feel, and live. 


As an ISSA certified  Fitness Trainer, Health, and Wellness Coaching Specialist, one of the first lessons I start with in developing all my fitness coaching programs is by coaching my clients to help them understand the fundamental importance of functional movement, core stability and how the body, and mind works in connection to one another for optimal physical strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, and mental wellbeing.


This comprehensive exercise guide and workout routines are designed specifically for those who want to improve their form, and technique, physical fitness and achieve their nutrtion and health goals. It covers a wide range of exercises to help improve cardio endurance and stamina, strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination and core strength.

FIITT Journal & Exercise Program

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