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It's Health & Wellness Coaching For Men

The journey towards health, happiness, success, and progress towards healing begins with taking the necessary steps by subscribing the men's health podcast, blog, and downloading the  

8 Principles To Health Wellness, Happiness and Success Workbook, Eat It Recipe Book and meal prep guide. FIITT journal and exercise program.  

Living Well with WiL provides men's health and wellness coaching, men's support groups, men's health and wellness retreats, and group fitness training programs to help men of diverse backgrounds cope with depression, anxiety, stress and loneliness while curating

healthy lifestyles, mindsets, bodies, and relationships with themselves and others.


Meet the founder of Living Well with WiL

Educator, ISSA Certified Restorative Men's Health, Wellness and  Lifestyle Coach, 

Men's Health Ambassador, Men's Fitness Trainer, and Men's Relationship Coach who develops fitness, health and wellness programs for men pf color, men whose lives are impacted by depression, stress, anxiety, relational and social disparage, PTSD and HIV.



My name is WiL Turner.

As an certified Educator, ISSA Fitness Trainer, Restorative Men's Health and Wellness Coach, and the founder of Living Well with WiL,

I offer a variety of resources, supports in men's health, men's wellness coaching, men's wellness retreats, men's support groups,

and men's fitness training programs to help men whose lives are impacted by depression, stress, anxiety, relational, emotional and social disparage, loneliness, PTSD, and HIV.

My twenty five years of experience in education, social philanthropy, and the wellness industry, depth of empathy,   

service to others, serving the LGBTQ community, men of color and giving is the difference. 

Selfcare, leadership, service to others, empathy, faith, family, friendship, philanthropy, and community are

the core foundation of Living Well With WiL's mission.

It' primary goal is to support men of diverse backgrounds on their journey

towards living life as the best version of themselves, healing, and curating healthier and happier lives.

 The vision of Living Well with WiL's men's health, wellness coaching and support groups for men was conceived out of the necessity for more men's health and mental wellness support groups which nurtures men's relationships, emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health. 

Selfcare, conversations, social interactions, community, travel exploration, and giving improves our quality of life. 

Living Well with WiL encourages self-reflection, selfcare, and communication for relationship building

for the health and wellbeing of the whole individual. 

The Living Well With WIL platform is safe spaces for men to intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and socially bond and be themselves.

I share my personal and professional experience in men's health and wellness coaching to help men in

mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and relational disparage explore their thoughts and feelings as they embark upon the journey towards

curating a healthy relationship with themselves and one another. 


Together we’ll push beyond the limiting boundaries of social stigmatization, stress, anxiety, depression, disappointment, loneliness, negative self talk, fear, and self doubt by helping you curate a positive mindset, healthy relationships, and structuring a long term plan of action to help you overcome the limitations of self and society through conversation, selfcare, and bonding with other men who support men on your journey towards living the healthy and happy lives they deserve.

Meet fitness trainer, health and wellness coach WiL Turner

“Through my professional and personal experience, inspiration, leadership, authenticity, empathy, advocacy, transparency, and dedication, I seserve as a catalyst for nurturing the overall health, well-being and happiness of my clients and community.”

-WiL Turner

Let the journey begin!            
Live beyond the limitations of yourself. Let's Connect.

Thanks for taking the first steps towards living the healthy and happy life you deserve!


  • Over 30 Years of Experience as a Fitness Trainer, Health and Wellness Coaching Specialist and educator

  • Knowledgeable, Community Service, and client Oriented

  • Compassionate, Patient, Relatable, Honest & Reliable 

  • Supportive, Motivating, and inspiring.

  • ISSA Certified Master Physical Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Yoga &  Lifestyle Coaching Specialist

  • Best Fitness, Health and Wellness Program

  • Supports over 20 Organizations in the Dallas community.

  • LGBTQ Advocate and Community Leader

  • Nominated as Dallas Voice, Voyage Dallas, Google, Equinox Gym, SBDC, and Peoples Funds Best Fitness Trainer, Men's Health and Wellness Coach in Dallas, TX

  • Serving over 50, 000 clients and social media followers on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and the Living Well with WiL website.


The best investment a man could ever make is in his health.

As men we must overcome the social stigmatizations and expectations of our sexual identity, orientation, lifestyles, and the social expectations placed on us to compete and conquer, be competent, hyper masculine supporters, providers, and protectors for our families, friends, work places, and communities, But who supports, protects, and provides for us?


The Men's Health and Wellness Restorative Retreat is a personalized travel excursion, retreat, and wellness coaching workshop designed to help men relax, self-reflect, explore themselves, and the world abroad to free themselves from the mental, emotional, and physical challenges of everyday life.  This self exploration and travel excursion Includes restorative self reflection workshop depending on the excursion includes cooking class,  message, yoga, meditation or self exploration excursion, The FIITT personalized fitness and Eat It recipe book and meal prep guide, the 8 Principles To Health, Wellness, Happiness and Success workbook, and support on your journey towards a healthier and happier way of living. 


Mental, physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual challenges serve the purpose of  strengthening ones resilience in times of disappointment, loneliness,  hopelessness, and doubt. A healthy mind, body, spirit, self efficacy, communication, family, friendship, social interaction, and community are the foundations for nurturing a healthy and happy life. 

I dedicate my professional and personal life and experience to you by pouring into you. My endeavor is to support you on your journey towards achieving your health, wellness, fitness, personal and professional goals.


Be empowered, uplifted, inspired, restored, and transformed in mind, body and spirit. 

Improve the way you think, look, feel, socially interact, give, and live. Register to attend one of my restorative fitness training, health, and wellness workshops or retreats in Dallas, Atlanta or New York.

My programs, workshops and retreats are informative, engaging,  empowering, transformative, and fun! 

Save the dates! 

Mountain Cliff Hiker


Are You Ready For a Change?

Are you done with feeling emotionally overwhelmed, overworked, depressed, anxious, stressed, and alone?

As one who knows first hand the perils of stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, disappointment, failure, and not taking care of themselves, I have helped a broad demographic of individuals just like you overcome the limitations of themselves. As an advocate of selfcare, and a Physical health, Wellness, Yoga, Meditation, and Lifestyle Coach, I provide a unique and comprehensive variety of services in fitness training, health, wellness and lifestyle coaching to help you heal from all the things you don't talk about and to help you feel the confidence and support you need to overcome your many life challenges.


Whether your goal is to get in shape or achieve your health and wellness goals, since 2010 I’ve worked with a broad demographic of clients of various ages, lifestyles, professions, and backgrounds, to help each of them achieve the goal of physical health, mental, and emotional wellness in every aspect of their lives.

"It only takes one to care to make a difference in the lives of many."

-WiL turner

Service to others has truly enriched my life. I have enjoyed training and coaching my clients for over 30 years.  

As an ISSA certified Physical Health, Wellness, Yoga, and Lifestyle Coaching Specialist, I’m honored and proud to have the privilege of collaborating with a number of gyms and organizations. As a result I have gained the trust of my valued clients.

Read on to see what some of my clients have shared on Google about me.

Men's fitness, health, and wellness coaching.

Dwayne Haupt 35

Wil has a great positive attitude that is uplifting. He has pushed me past barriers which once prevented me from taking care of myself

to setting and achieving goals previously set for me.

Thank you for the motivation WiL.

Dallas, TX 

Fitness, Health and wellness coaching for men.

Loki Golden (30) 

His wealth of knowledge and experience combined with his commitment to each individual’s well-being makes him an extremely rare commodity. You can tell he loves what he does and cares about you just as much as you do (or more!)

New York

Men's fitness training routines program .

Richard Ralston 

My experience with Living Well with Wil has been AWESOME! The thing I like most is how he not only concentrates on helping with your physical fitness goal but your overall mental and emotional fitness as well. A one-stop shop! Wil goes above and beyond and truly has a dedicated passion for helping people live their BEST life! I’m so glad I found the organization!

Dallas, TX

Support Group


The Differences Is His Empathy, Philanthropy, Compassion, Dedication, and Service To Others. 

It's more than just fitness. As ISSA, Dallas Voice, Voyage Dallas, and Equinox Gym's Best Fitness Trainers, Men's Health and Wellness Coaching Specialists, WiL's commitment to his clients is unparalleled. He develops and provides a unique variety and wide range of services that focus on overall physical health, mental and emotional well-being as well as service to others and giving.

WiL believes that health and wellness starts from within. WiL helps his clients to find physical and social outlets and activities that they enjoy to curate healthy mindsets and habits that intrinsically cultivates the health and wellbeing of the whole person.  WiL's focus on mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness ensures that he nurtures every aspects of his clients’ lives by supporting them on their journey towards taking care of themselves in mind, body, and spirit. 


The journey towards the healthy and happy life you deserve begins where you choose!

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