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Social Media is Toxic and Bad for Your Health

"It is the manner in which we socially engage with one another that

moves humanity forward."

~Wil Turner

Some people say that social media is bad for your health because of the potential influence on your emotions. They are right. There are many emotions that go through us all, some good and some not so great. However, when you mix business with feeling, it becomes a problem.

As said before, we're all emotional creatures. We deal with everything from happiness to sadness and frustration. People who try to manipulate other people through fear or negativity will find that their attempts to influence crumble quickly. People are smart enough to recognize this. They do not want anyone to lie to them or manipulate them.

How does social media Influences Your Health?

On social media, there is a chance that you can become more stressed out than you otherwise would be. If you're fed up with being told you're wrong all the time, and you want to be left alone. A significant problem with social media is that we allow other people's opinions to dictate what is good or bad for us. Social media is toxic and bad for health. When you discuss something negative about someone else, this immediately turns into a story that everyone will be talking about. You might get hundreds of comments about it within one day, even if the issue does not matter at all.

Image by Merakish On Unsplash

So the next day, you start thinking about all the ways you could've said or written differently.

Another thing about how social media harms your health is that it can keep you up at all hours of the night. In essence, your brain is getting used to being awake while your body is in REM sleep. In nature, your body is being kept up at night to make you as healthy as possible.

So yes, it is true that Social Media is toxic and bad for your health if you are under emotional stress. However, it's not the only cause of this problem. Poor sleep habits, poor diet, and inadequate exercise are also contributors. These primary factors contribute to toxicity.

How is This Means of Communication Used to Propel Negativity?

It's hard to believe that the most popular form of communication on the Internet can be considered toxic, but it is true. Many people use this platform to vent, complain, insult, attack, and just about anything under the sun. As a result, they can quickly spread hatred and negativity through whatever they are doing online. There is nothing safe on the Internet, and that includes social networking. So if you want to improve your health, you need to step away from this platform.

It's easy to spread negative messages when you're connected to other people who share the same opinions as you. Everyone in this world has an idea about something, and unfortunately, many of those opinions are very similar. People who agree with you will probably be friendly, while people who disagree will probably be mean and nasty. It is human nature to associate with people like us, and unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this.

How to Stay Positive?

You need to think of the world this way: When you eat a healthy diet, you'll feel better and look better. When you're healthy, you'll be more productive at work and other activities, which means you'll have more money to be able to enjoy life. When you are healthy, you will be happier and more likely to try new things and new experiences. That is all you will be doing when you are connected to other people like yourself.

Image by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Most social media spreads negative news. Make sure you analyze correctly which news is correct and which is not. Not all the information available the social media are from the right source. Sometimes, unnecessarily this false news creates the wrong perception and may lead you the wrong way. Hence may sure you have the proper authority to get the information.

There are various types of social media channels and the group available on social media. Make sure you read all the feedback about the groups and then follow it. This will helps you to get a better idea about the group, and eventually, you will only get the perfect and suitable news that is correct and legit.

Nowadays, the effect of social media has increased a lot. People may not see news channel daily, but they will surely open their social media account. Hence, the flow of traffic on the social media account is the highest. Hence, the news spread is very fast on the social media account compared to the news channel.


Finally, it is essential that you need to be careful about the information you put online. While it is not possible to control what people say, you can control what you do. There are plenty of examples where the Internet has been used in destructive ways, and you have to think about whatever you are doing before you post it. The Internet is fast and full of information, and so there is no excuse to be careless. The impact of the Internet cannot only lead to a negative mindset, but it can also lead to depression. Hence, you need to make sure you follow the correct groups and the pages on social media.

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