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Live Well To Be Well

“Fretting over the little things in life deprives us of living

the healthy, and happy lives we deserve.”

-WIL Turner

In today’s fast-moving world, your wealth doesn’t matter if you are not keeping up with good health. Perfect health becomes crucial when it comes to better efficiency and energy throughout the day. Mental health equally contributes well towards your personal growth and development. The ideal mental health does your proper nourishment and eventually develops you. Self-development improves your skills and efficiency which allows you to work in better way.

The world will not stop for anyone, and so is your wealth if you correctly maintain the work-life balance. Americans are always behind the work and try to save money for their daily needs. However, if you maintain proper work-life balance, it becomes so hectic sometimes to cope up with the situation and you often get into anxiety or depression. Unlike European countries, they love to spend time with family and friends. The enjoyment is essential to get off the stress of work and you can bring in the positive energy for yourself.

Work Is Only Part of Life, Not The Entire Life

You enjoy life to the fullest and work for a living. Work is only a part of life and not all life. The fast-moving world keeps the people so busy running after the money, as they forget the real purpose of living. Most Americans spend much time at work and forget the real meaning of living. The money is of now use if you are not spending enough for your family and the luxury.

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If gaining wealth becomes the only motto, then anxiety and depression will permanently block your way. Achieving the American Dream is not easy unless you maintain a work-life balance. Health is a must, which brings in a lot of positivity to the person. The work-life balance brings in a lot of motivation, and the purpose of living is fulfilled.

What is Work-Life Balance?

The relationship between the career and the personal life needs to be balanced. Even though you gain much success in life but don’t have a healthy emotional life, it is not worth it. Most people nowadays are facing the issue of maintaining the exact balance between work and life. Most of the US people want to live the “American Dream,” which keeps them busy all day to make handsome money.

People often believe the wealth brings in a lot of stardom, the proper image in society, improves social relationships. Up to some extent, wealth also brings in anxiety and depression if you don’t get rewarded well enough in return. You are running too much after wealth would make your feel less hearted, resulting in unexpected relationships.

Image by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Your loved one’s need your presence rather than your wealth. Sometimes, people may forget the special days in their life with loved ones and skip celebrations on special occasions to satisfy their hunger for wealth. Good clothes would only look good on you if you have a good healthy work-life balance. People you love must have you when they need you.

Healthy Life is Happy Life

Challenges are never going to end in your life. The challenge may be a financial crisis or a relationship. They are a part of life. Proper actions and your response to the situation become crucial. The work-life balance will bring positivity to your daily working culture and strengthen your relationship. Healthy food and the workout keeps you calm and helps you organize things. Doing the right things will give you perfection, and eventually, things will fall in the perfect place.

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Sometimes, too much work pressure and anxiety could lead to self-destruction. The loved ones would take proper care of you. Hence, it would help if you had them around. You need to sacrifice some luxury and money to maintain the work-life balance at some point in life. This will save you from the destruction and sometimes it’s essential to take some time off from work and enjoy the holidays.


Exercise daily, eat healthy food, Spend time with your loved ones, stay socially active, improve your general knowledge, and importantly love what you do. These things would keep you perfect in life and improve efficiency.

Do stay with healthy people and have good talks, which will keep you updated well enough in terms of the news or knowledge. This way you can increase the efficiency at work which can provide you a good image of yourself. Not all the time, the wealth is going to help you. Spending time with people you love plays a crucial role in life, and it improves your work. You work for your loved one and not for yourself. Hence, may be sure to maintain the work-life balance and live a healthy life.

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