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Your Health & Happiness Matters!

People come into our lives for a variety of reasons, either a season or a life time. You are never alone in your thoughts and feelings.

Family, friendship, community and service to others improves our quality of life. The more we communicate, celebrate one another, and give the better we live. Joining  the Living Well With WiL support group is where you will meet genuine, like minded people who care about you, your health, happiness and success. Either virtually or in real time, The Living Well With WiL group wellness coaching program is a group of real people, working together to talk through the process of deriving at solutions to everyday life situations which affect us all.

None of our lives or relationships are perfect or without its challenges. In order to have healthy relationships and a deeper connection to those we care about; there is nothing more powerful than the power of conversation, collaborations and the celebration of one another. Through my professional, and life experience I help my clients build healthier, happier lives, and stronger relationships by allowing them a safe environment to share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings objectively.  I listen to help my clients process their thoughts and feelings while guiding them on the path towards nurturing the healthy, and happy relationships and lives they deserve.


Online Virtual

Wellness Coaching

 Social interaction, mental and emotional health impacts every aspect of our lives – from our relationships at home and in the office, to the quality of our work and productivity, as well as how we perceive ourselves in relation to our social environments, physical health and well-being.


Post Covid-19 has shifted our professional and social priorities,  perspectives of relationships, changed the way we take care of ourselves,  how we socially communicate and interact. Now more than ever, people need people. The resources shared across all platforms by Living Well with Will makes it easier for you to take better care of yourself at the click of a button. 

"Where two or more are gathered one is never alone."

— WiL Turner

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