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R. Garcia, 30

Wil Turner is an exceptional wellness coach and trainer who has helped me improve my fitness level and lifestyle tremendously. I trained with him for almost two years before I had brain surgery. After surgery I was back at zero. He helped me regain my emotional self confidences and physical strength; all the while being extremely mindful of the new physical, mental and emotional challenges I was dealing with. I was very afraid of working out; let alone much less confident; given strenuous activities could hurt my recovery process. He was always extremely gentle and thoughtful, yet he pushed me to new limits. WiL emotionally supported and coached  me through my recovery.  I’m forever in debt to him for all his help and support during such a difficult period in my life. I recommend Wil Turner hands down for both his skills and his compassion.

David Dixon, 62

Wil — when I read your interview in Dallas Voice. I was amazed! I am 62 yo and have been involved in athletics and training since I was 10.


Over the years I have learned to live a fitness lifestyle. And, you are so right —-fitness is physical, mental, and spiritual. I’m in the gym 3 times/week for strength and cardio. Stretching and back Yoga every other day. Meditation (TM) twice a day. I have learned to practice moderation in all things– do not smoke or drink.

I have learned to live a spiritually based life centered around the concept of maximum fitness.

There is a world of “aging baby-boomers” who are watching their bodies deteriorate. They dread getting older and sliding into irreversible decline. They don’t know what to do and many are afraid it’s too late to do anything about it. For many, exercise and fitness bring up bad memories.


Maybe I could do something to help those people. My dream is to learn to do what you do, and reach out and share what I have learned. I believe this could actually save lives and bring a sense of serenity to those willing to begin a fitness lifestyle. In the long run, the pleasure is so much greater than the pain. HOWEVER——-I have no credentials. And, I am an “older guy”. Is this possible? How would I start? I need your advice. I would love the opportunity to talk with you.

Alison, 30

FIITT is a no-joke personal training program developed by Wil Turner. Wil has created a smart and dynamic program aimed at multitasking functional anaerobic and aerobic exercises. Wil’s exercises are ever-changing, creative and fun; not confusing and chock full of wild gyrations. There is a significant component of “core” work in the program; however, you will not be stuck on a ball for an hour or experimenting with trendy gimmicks. There is a refreshing amount actual weightlifting in this program. You will not get bored or burned out. Wil also has a tremendous personality and is a pleasure to work with and learn from. I enjoy the program. I trust you will too.

Carrie Virginia, 25

As a teacher, I understand the idea of educating the “whole” child. As a trainer, Wil uses a similar method to train the “whole” person. For the past three years, I have worked with Wil to improve my way of thinkin towards taking care of myself, my physical fitness and appearance, and by doing so, I have had a change in my overall demeanor and attitude towards life. Every session feels different than the one before so I’m not bored and equally uplifted and enlightened . To add, Wil’s great sense of humor and understanding of my personality makes working out so much less of a chore! I’m not one to be excited about the gym. And I’d be lying if I said Wil made me love working out. What Wil has done is made me believe that I can get results I want. not only physically but in every aspect of my life. 

Thomas Behrmann, 35

I worked with Wil Turner  for over the course of a year. While personal training and taking care of myself seemed a luxury, Will helped me in tangible ways by helping to identify and correct areas of wellness, tension and/or weakness and bring more balance to my overall posture and physique. He was also integral in helping me to identify areas of my body and life where I had specific goals, and by using incrementally challenging exercises, not only did my overall muscle tone, stability, functionality, and proportion improved, in addition to my original weight loss goal; so did my mental and emotional and confidence in myself. 


His lighthearted approach to the hard work helped me look forward to our consultations together, and for that I am very grateful.

Thomas Georgi, 40

Wil Turner’s knowledge of the latest fitness & training methods, his familiarity with physical therapy, and his natural gift as a personal motivator are the three core reasons why I highly recommend him as a trainer. Will helped to dramatically improve my quality of life by teaching me to work out despite a sports injury. He also corrected my posture and form while working out thereby reducing strains and soreness. Will’s naturally sunny personality, good nature, and sense of humor help to make our sessions the highlight of my week.

Nikki Kirby, 35

I have been training every week with Wil for four years. He has helped me maintain a level of fitness and tone. When I was in my third trimester and Wil helped emotionally, physically and smoothly transition my work outs through my pregnancy by integrating ways for me to also nurture my emotional and mental well being. Wil's insightful advisement was just as effective and encouraging after I gave birth. I quickly began to get my pre-baby body back and back to feeling myself again. Not only does Wil have the advanced qualifications and skill set of a trainer but he good at giving object advise and is a very likable person that motivates through a combination of discipline, expertise, and humor.

Sandy, 55

I have been a fitness client of Wil’s for a  number of years. I would say two things about him.


It is a given that he is well trained in the fitness field. He is up to date on the latest training techniques and philosophies and has strong knowledge of anatomy and so is able to design fitness programs that are appropriate to individual needs of each client. I never worry about becoming injured when training with him.


Will has found a very effective way to develop training programs that meet the individual needs and goals of each unique client. He also knows when to push, when to back off, and when to encourage. I am highly motivated to train with him and look forward to each session. I should note that each session is different so there is no routine that becomes boring or redundant.”

Randy, 50

Until I met WiL,  I did not particularly like to exercise in a gym so it was more a self imposed chore than a pleasure for me. I have found Will to be an excellent trainer. He varies the exercises so it is more of an experience rather than a routine He pays attention to developing both core strength and mobility. He is focuses on you and your development; is always professional and engaged. And finally he is a nice and fun guy to be with, and it is always a pleasure to train with him. I would therefore unequivocally recommend him to anyone interested in maintaining and improving their physical condition and over all well being. 


WiL Turner is a one of a kind gentlemen who is a very knowledgeable trainer, fitness, health and wellness coach. He cares about his clients physical health and their overall well being. It is evident that his experience as a trainer and care for others is a genuine facet of who he is. Wil loves what he does and he does it with integrity, patience, grace, humor; yet thoroughness and compassion. 


Beside helping me with my fitness goals; WiL also helped me get through some very emotionally challenging times. WiL's relationship with his clients is one that supersedes the training experience. WiL is someone who is very wise, intuitively perceptive, and special to my family.  He even trained my elderly mother who suffered from a major fall and Alzheimer's. The graciousness, attentive-ness and patience WiL showed while training us both went beyond just training us physically.


WiL's humor and love for helping others be their very best made our training experience enjoyable and life enriching. Not only is he a trainer and a coach; he is a friend to his clients.

I am forever grateful and blessed he came into our lives.

Client Testimonials

My duty is to my clients and helping guide them on the path towards living the healthy and happy lives they deserve. Here are first-hand experiences my clients had with my fitness training. Seeing how people's lives are lives can be transformed with support and the simple gestures of listening and compassion will forever be a blessing. With the proper dedication, and care for yourself you can achieve the goal of transforming the way you look, feel, give, and live forever!

"When we cast a stone upon the water it creates a ripple effect that reaches far beyond that which we could ever imagine." 

- WiL Turner

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