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FIITT Weekend Private Fitness Training

Fitness training to improve the way you move, look, feel, and live.

  • 30 minutes
  • 360 US dollars
  • Cedar Springs Road

Service Description

FREQUENCY + FORM + FUNCTION + FLEXIBILTY Physical health is critical to our overall well being in mind, body, and spirit. No matter your fitness level or age, it's never too late to get into shape and stay that way. Whether you're traveling, at the gym, office, home, trying to loose weight, tone and firm or build muscle mass; regular exercise and knowing how to workout effectively is the best way to transforming the way you look, feel, and live.  The FIITT Weekend Workout With WiL 1-1 Fitness Coaching program is a 40 minute instructional total body fitness, interval, training techniques fitness program for strengthening, toning and firming your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, legs, butt, and abdominals. This exercise program is designed to target multiple muscle groups simultaneously while toning and firming your midsection, arms, shoulders, back and glutes; building muscle, improving your cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. INCLUDES: * 5 minute warm-up. What would you like to get out of today's session? * 25 minute personal guided total body workout fitness instruction. *5 Minute core strength routine. Tone, firm and strengthen your midsection. * 5 minute meditative reflection, active stretching techniques and cool down. Get in shape today to stay in a positive, healthy and happy place. YOU WILL NEED: *Light to medium dumbbells *Light to medium resistance bands *Yoga Mat *Water Bottle *Gym Towel *FIITT Journal FIITT Sample Workout Routine -Arm Circles -Shadow Boxing -High Kicks -Lateral Lunges/Leg Abduction -Jump Squats -Bicep Curls into Lateral Triceps Extensions -Standing Pec Press Pulls -Standing Arm Reach Alternating Knee Crunch -Alternating Pushups -Alternating Flutter Kicks -Catch and Release Med Ball Crunches -Active Hamstring Stretches -Hip Rotation, Flexion and Mobility -Neck And Trapezius Stretch -Meditative Cool Down

Contact Details

  • Living Well With WiL Wellness, Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX, USA

    (214) 888-4368


 By subscribing to Living Well With WiL platform and FIITT with WiL health and wellness programs, and support resource you have taken the step towards transforming the way you think,  look, feel, socially interact, give, and live.


The time of all my clients is valuable. Please review the cancellation policy.

"Ones physical, psychological, and emotional transformation is nurtured by the discipline of self awareness and  mindfulness. "   — WiL Turner

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