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Ways To Use Social Media To Improve Mental Health

It is difficult to be optimistic when most social media platforms presently seem to cultivate a world of pessimism, social discord, cancel culture, and controversy. Which consequently affects our mental health. The use of social media requires a great deal of emotional intelligence, social responsibility, and how we use social media to communicate with others and to rightfully and respectfully express our views.

Physical health, wellness, lifestyle coach, and founder WiL Turner of is transparent in making us aware of how we use our social media platforms is a big deal. He believes in the power of service to others and building stronger social bonds. Wil lives by the philosophies of compassion and supporting those who need him. Wil knows by experience leading by example is our best defense.

Especially when it comes to using social media to spread messages of positivity and encouragement, if you ever come across WiL's social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, you will see 90 percent nothing but positivity. He admits he, too, is still working on himself in that regard.

When it comes to teenagers, as parents and adults, it is their responsibility to discuss with teens the pitfalls of social media and how they can use them in a healthy way to make our world a much better place. We must address the fact that we are all collectively responsible for the social gap between us, as we each, directly and indirectly, contribute to the cancel culture movement.

Twitter is notoriously reputed as the platform for provoking political tirades, and social discord which yields nothing except hypocrisy, hate, and passive-aggressive people who have nothing better to do with their time. Those who advocate for the misery, loneliness, and destruction of others' lives have a direct channel to do so without regard for the emotional and psychological damage they cause in the lives of those they don't know.

It is time we end the circulation of misinformation and the sharing of derogatory thoughts concerning other people and instead start having actual talks about the psychological and emotional health issues social media is causing us all on a global scale. Using our social media platforms for good gives us the opportunity to significantly impact the world from a positive perspective.

We have wonderful technologies at our disposal that we can employ to make a significant difference in the world to create the changes we all would like to see in the world. It is important we use our social media platforms responsibly. Social networking is an incredible resource for connecting people to one another. The question is, can "social media improve mental health"? Yes, it can if used in productive and meaningful ways! However, it is up to you to decide whether or not social media is toxic and bad for you, given how you use it when interacting with others virtually.

Using Twitter

Twitter is a hugely major social media network that typically, many teenagers, celebrities, and influencers use regularly. It has the potential to support and promote a wide variety of mental health awareness campaigns. The best strategy to promote awareness is to place relevant psychological health issues on the top of the list of your social media post.

Distinctive hashtags like #mentalhealthisimportant. Hashtags rapidly gain traction and are much more likely to be seen by millions of people all over the world. The more we use these tags, the farther our reach is to make people aware that mental health is key to success.

Helpful Hashtags on Instagram

Given the global pandemic of Covid-19, it is also important we are mindful of how we virtually interact with those online who are without family, friends, single, and feeling alone. The majority of the youthful population is also vulnerable to being cyber bullied, even in these socially challenging and uncertain times for us all. Teenagers rely on their parents, teachers, and role models to hopefully guide them on the paths which will help them be healthier and happier human beings.

It is our social responsibility to lend a helping hand and assist those in need of our support or a friend.

The advancement of technology on Instagram now provides the new and exciting networking resource of a personality notification system which will allow you to anonymously submit someone's picture to a member of the task force on the Instagram team if you encounter someone who appears to be self-harming, suicidal or in need of help to reach out to them to provided support to them directly.

The group member will contact the person you're worried about and delete any pictures from the app that could prompt self-harming. The Internet also goes out to those who seem to be looking for photos and tags on self-harm, depression, and other similar topics.

How To Use The Above Apps To Improve Mental Performance In A Positive Way

1. Disseminate Self-Care Advice

People can share Self-care advice with others on social networking sites. You can illustrate ways you care for yourself rather than making movies or posting pictures on social media. Others will be inspired by your suggestions to take care of themselves.

2. Serve as a role model for others

As a physical health and wellness coach, educator, LGBTQ advocate, community leader, and social philanthropist, WiL's hope is that others will follow his example of sharing positive things regarding the importance of mental and emotional health. The benefits of social media on mental health by spreading positive energy and encouraging others to do the same helps to make the world a healthier and happier place.

3. Share Your Experience

Your life is an example to others. It all comes down to sharing your varied experiences. They could be educational or motivating in nature. You never know the lives you share your experiences; you may help everyone in some manner.

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Be happy, always. Keep spreading and sharing those smiles.

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