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Men and Mental Health

Updated: 6 days ago

Men do not feel safe or have the same access as women to the conversations or support to help them overcome their daily life challenges to grow. Statistic show that

Although there are a number of programs and support resources for women, mental health and men's health are critically lacking but important for men's emotional and mental health.

Many men who suffer from mental health issues and depression go undiagnosed.
What are some ways men health affect men's mental health

According to Men's Health America, for many men mental health disorders are attributed to unhealthy emotional, relational, sexual and societal trauma. More than 4 times as many men than women die by suicide. Over 40 percent of Men are less likely to express their emotion to speak out or get treatment for mental illness. Such cases are also less likely to seek treatment or support to be diagnosed out of fear of judgement and subjecting themselves to further stigmatizing labels. 


Knowing the statistics can help raise awareness about men's mental and emotional health, encourage men to proactively take a step forward towards getting the treatment and support they deserve to overcome the debilitating limitations of anxiety, depression, stigmatic social marginalization, and lowliness.

Men feeling depression and anxiety or any other trauma or mental health illness is not unusual and is nothing to feel ashamed of. Other reasons that may impact a man’s mental health journey are culture, sexual orientation, sexual trauma, fatherhood, race, socioeconomic status, unhealthy and abusive heterosexual and gay relationships. The stigmas of masculinity and sexuality are real and deeply affect men as nearly 1 in 10 men experience depression or anxiety. Of that include men of color,  gay men and gay men of color. Less than half receive support or treatment.

In spite of having friends, family and coworkers around on frequent basis, most men don’t get to talk about what’s on their minds. A majority of men have not had healthy male role models in their lives to learn from. More than 4 times as many men as women die by suicide every year.

It is imperative we inform ourselves regarding the alarming statistic of men who suffer alone from mental illness, depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Recent case studies show this peculiar isolation results in the following outcomes:

  • Challenges feeling more difficult to navigate

  • Pressure and overwhelmed

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Rocky relationships

  • Poor boundaries (“Nice Guy Syndrome”)

  • Loneliness

  • A lack of results

  • Unhealthy behaviors, hyper sexual and social interactions & addictions (Drinking, drugs, Porn etc.)

  • Sense of feeling lost, hopelessness or being stuck

  • Suicidal ideations and self harm

The stigma of men's mental health issues impact over 77 percent of the male population.
Men's mental health issues continue to rise

Why is it so hard for men to find other men or people to talk to?

For most men, it can feel impossible to find other men or people to talk to, for these reasons:

  • Men are socially judged as weak for sharing sensitive things

  • We don’t want to burden our friends or loved ones

  • Most people can’t relate to the issues you face

  • Men are too busy with work and family lives to find others with similar challenges

  • 99% of people shy away from uncomfortable conversations. Men in particular when it come to expressing their feelings or emotions.

  • Where do you go to find people facing the same issue?

  • Guys struggle to start meaningful conversations

Trying to find other guys to talk to is time-consuming, exhausting, overwhelming, and demoralizing. Thanks to the collaborative support of with Living Well with WiL, men no longer have to suffer in silence or feel they are alone.

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