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Know Everything about social media and Social Responsibility

As statistical evidence proves the phenomena of Facebook, Instagram, or better yet, social media in general further fuels the fire of inherent desire to socially connect. Social media outlets by origin were at one point in time, designed to help us grow and deepen our connections in unprecedented ways. Unfortunately for some, it has further nurtured in many cases social awkwardness, irresponsibility, and passive-aggressiveness when it comes to communicating with strangers while hidden in cyberspace.

Granted, the power of social media provides us with the technological resources and platforms to engage and communicate; it has both its benefits and its flaws. Although most have subscribed to these platforms under the guise of communicating with those who are important to us; it too opens the flood gates for those we are not otherwise intimately or formally acquainted with to intrude upon or lives without boundaries or respect.

At the same time, these networks enable businesses, influencers, entrepreneurs, and other groups to engage and develop ties with potential consumers, subscribers, and followers.

There are some core principles we must adhere to in guiding our activities and social responsibility: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." It is hard to gauge the intent of those who take it upon themselves to impose their ideologies or lifestyles onto those whose ideologies and lifestyles may contrast.

It's easy to take for granted the reach and acceleration, and interpretation unto which the messages are delivered and possibly misinterpreted. We must hold ourselves and one another responsible for the manner in which we express our views or interact when using social media as a form of communication. In order to learn how to be a socially active person, you must consider how what you choose to post on your social media platforms impacts others. Are your messages and delivery of communication positive, or intended to offend or exclude those whose views may contradict yours?

Take a look around. There are three fundamental truths that are evident in all of our lives. We all want to be loved, heard, and respected. How one chooses to present or expose themselves to the world is a matter of just that; choice! Keep in mind there are potential repercussions and consequences for making bad choices.

During the Covid-19 outbreak and everything that followed, we all have been forced to rethink the way we communicate and socially interact. As a result, Covid 19 has forced us all to reprioritize our lives and those in them. During the nationwide shut, down many relationships and friendships have been tested. Of which some have been forced and needed to be dissolved.

While all of our lives were postponed in real-time due to Covid-19 social Media however provided us with the means for us to keep in touch, communicate and reconnect with our loved ones and friends. Although for many, social media may prove toxic and bad for your health; if used properly it can be a powerful tool to serve the greater good of us all. Thus, it is up to you how you choose to use your social media platforms.

In conclusion:

People and corporations use social networking sites to broaden their influence and connections, mostly without thinking about the long-term implications of their impact on others. At its foundation, social media is all about real-world connections. Yet some still feel disconnected.

To be transparent we must lift the veil of social media reveal what truly is beneath. Not all of our intentions are genuine or serve a productive purpose to move humankind forward. While the advent of social media has made us more interconnected, we must recognize that within the subcontext of all social media pages, blog entries, Youtube clips, and tweets there exists a person with genuine feelings.

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Keep spreading and sharing those smiles.

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