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How To Be A good Friend

"The truest of friend is one who overlooks the broken fence and helps you water the withering flowers in your garden."

-WiL Turner

It is extremely significant to have friends who are honest, dependable, loyal, consistently love, support, and accept you for who you are. Having healthy relationships with our friends contributes to our mental and emotional well-being.

Lasting friendships entail equal effort on both parts. Genuine friendships are never one-sided.

One-sided friendships are those where:

● You are not 100 % sure regarding your friendship.

● It seems you are the one always available to your friend or the one reaching out.

● Your friend is never there for you when you need them.

● Your friend always makes it about them.

● The only time they spend time with you is when it is only convenient for them.

● You are the one always helping them through their emotional or social problems.

● Your friend is unable to reciprocate to meet you where you are at.

What is the importance of having a good and supportive friend?

Numerous research and studies claim that the better the quality of relationships one has, the happier one will be. Therefore, having friends you can rely on at any time is vital for one’s happiness. Now the question arises, “what exactly makes a person a great friend?”

The following insightful tips by the founder of Living Well With WiL at will guide you on the path to nurturing the healthy and happy friendships that you deserve.

What are the signs of a great friend?

It is natural that there will be people that will come and go in your life. Those who are no longer your friend were never your friend at all. No matter how long you have been friends with someone, it is important to communicate, trust, and show you appreciate your friend through your words and actions. One's actions speak louder than words. A good friend will equally invest the same time and effort in you that you invest in them.

The signs of those who are good friends are as follow:

● They are there for you during the good time and the bad times.

● They are genuinely considerate of your emotional and social needs.

● They will never try to put you down or discredit your worth or value to them.

● They will always be respectful, loyal, and kind to you.

● You always enjoy their company and miss them when they are not around.

● They are accountable, dependable, and trustworthy.

● They laugh with you to make you feel better whenever you feel down.

● They will make sure to tell you the truth, even though it is hard for you to hear the same.

● They know when to listen and when to help you process during difficult situations.

● Most important of all, a good friend is one who when in your lowest or most vulnerable of times; will never judge you.

How to make someone feel better

There is a saying, treat others how you wish to be treated. If you treat the people around you with compassion and respect you will undoubtedly prove to be the type of friend worth keeping around. Here are some pointers that will assist you in being a good friend:

Listening to them:

Asking questions and being a good listener shows that you genuinely care for your friend. The core point to understand is that you need not possess the answer to all their issues. Simply being there when your friend needs you is enough.

Show them empathy:

Showing interest in your friend's hobbies, lives and feelings will provide them with a sense of certainty and confidence that you will be there for them without making them feel ashamed, judged, or disregarded.

Asking them about their needs:

It is natural to worry about the health, happiness, and well-being of your friend. Showing empathy allows you to genuinely offer your support to your friend when they need you.

Some additional points in this regard are:

● Spend quality time with your friend.

● Staying in touch:

● Telling them about your feelings and be mindful of their feelings:

● Knowing when your friend is not at their best is also a sign of a good friend.

● Expressing your appreciation and care for your friend also helps to nurture a healthy and happy relationship meant to last the tests of time.

● Be the type of friend you wish others to be for you.

The bottom line

It is important to understand that family and friendship are important. Making yourself available for those you love, listening, communicating, and being mindful of your loved ones' emotional, and social needs shows those you love and whom you love that they matter most in the grander scheme of your life.

Keeping in mind that not all friendships are healthy ones. Therefore, one must make sure to assess the possibility of being in a toxic relationship as soon as possible. Not all our friends belong or fit into the same category.

A dear friend put it in this way. "Imagine yourself as the bus driver.

There will be your friends who sit closest to you in the front of the bus and those who choose to sit in the back of the bus. You are on the front of the bus behind me."

This conversation moved me to tears. It was then I realized for the first time ever, the meaning of a good friend.

That being said, in cases where the friendship is one-sided or toxic; it is time to let them go. They can no longer remain on your bus.

There is a saying, if a person has one good friend, they should consider themselves lucky. If a person has many friends, they are truly blessed.

Improve the way you think, socially interact, give and live. To read more about how you can be a better person than you were yesterday visit

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