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Healthy cocktail recipes

When you're trying to reduce your intake of sugar, you might even have to put some of your favorite classic cocktails on the shelf since some mixtures most likely contain sugar. Fortunately, there are a variety of reduced sugar and calorie cocktail recipes nowadays, so you don't have to skip happy hour with your friends or sabotage your diet.

We sought the assistance of several specialists, ranging from the likes of noted mixologists/bartenders and a variety of alcohol and wine companies to provide some healthy cocktail classics and beverages you can create at home. If you're looking for more low-sugar drink recipes, try out all the Top low-calorie vodka drinks given below to fix your cocktail cravings. Meanwhile, check these healthy recipes for weight loss in the interim of your anticipate weekend of cocktails with your friends.

1. The Horse Shoe Cocktail

Get the sour citrus flavor without all the syrup. Rather than a scotch sour that may have over 25 grams of carbs, each glass varying according to the size, why not even get the sour citrusy flavor without most of the simple syrup? These healthy mixed drinks contain only a quarter of the sweetness found in standard cocktails. Nothing feels better than enjoying these healthy drinks at the best relaxation spots around the globe.


• High Western Dual Rye is a 2 oz. rye whiskey produced in the United States.

• ground ginger juice (0.25 oz.)

• freshly squeezed lemon juice (0.25 ounces)

• Citrus twist topping, 2 oz mild citrus beer


Chip snow should fill an Ancient Style glass. Then, further into the glass, pour the components and finish with a lemon wedge.

2. The Negroni

The Negroni may well be a traditional cocktail. It has the least amount of sugar of any drink. Taylor Arnold, the founder of Instagram prefers this flavorfully garnished and healthy alcoholic mixed drink he makes at home.


• 1 oz. Vodka 1 1/2 oz. Alcohol 1 oz. Vermouth Martini (sweet)

3. The Rose Spritzer

This rose-based beverage is a Summertime favorite among cocktail lovers all around the world. You will surely, enjoy mixing this organic, sugar-free cocktail for you and your friends. However, you can use whatever rosé you have on hand as an alternative!


• 4 to 5 serves

• 1 Avaline Rose bottle

• ½ cup raspberry preserves 1-litre sparkling liquid


Add ice cubes to the glasses. Pour Avaline Rose half into the glass, then top with fizzy water and 3-4 teaspoons fresh raspberries. Thoroughly combine the ingredients.

4. Sparkling mango plus spices

This healthy cocktail is a sweet, and low-sugared beverage.


• tequila 1.5 ounces

• 1-ounce Natural Mangoes Jalapeno Mix

• 3 oz Volley Infused Seltzer with Zesty Lemon

• Serve with a lemon wheel as a decoration.


In a shaker, combine the alcohol and an Organic Mango Jalapeño Mixer. Add the ice and give it a good shake. Finish with a splash of Salvo Zesty Lemon Infused Seltzer and a quick whisk to combine. Serve with only a lemon wheel as a decoration.

5. Starward and Tonic

This reduced, low-calorie and effervescent cocktail is a favorite of numerous bartenders and people around the globe. It's also quite incredibly easy to make. Top shelf Scotch is suggested but If you don't have access to Starward's, you can substitute any scotch.


• three parts light vermouth to 1 part Starward 2 different Triple Grain Whiskey

• Grapefruit with a ruby hue


In a Cocktail glass, combine all ingredients, put it in the fridge, and mix well. Serve with a slice of ruby grapefruit as a presentation.

6. Manhattan

According to numerous bartenders, the Manhattan is yet another traditional classic cocktail inherently naturally sweet.


• 2 1/2 ounces 1 oz. Whiskey Sour Martini (sweet)

Time to prepare:

Combine all ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker and pour into a cocktail glass or coup. Serve with a sour cherry raspberry as a treat.

In conclusion:

Any occasion, particularly Summer is the time for making your favorite cocktails. With the correct healthy cocktails paired with your favorite healthy recipes from the Cooking With WiL healthy recipe book; you will never have to compromise taste for calories. Whether mixing your favorite cocktails or cooking your favorite meals for yourself, family and friends; always use local ingredients to support local farms, vineyards, and orchards.

Visit to read more about similar blogs. Improve the way you think, look, feel, socially interact and live. Subscribe to the Living with Wil blog and podcast at Living Well with WiL today. You are not alone! Be healthy.

Be happy, Be healthy always. Keep sharing those smiles.

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