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Family And Friendship Are important

Updated: May 24

Human beings are naturally social animals and cannot live alone. They always need friends and family around them. Family and friends are the supporting foundation of everyday life, especially in difficult times. Apart from providing emotional and mental support, family and friends also assist in maintaining our mental health and well-being.

It is important that you surround yourself with those able and willing to equally support you. One should also be cautious about maintaining relations where the relationship is one-sided. Building meaningful relationships entails equal effort on both parts.

There is a popular saying that no man is an island. Every single person needs a shoulder to lean on. It is extremely vital to surround ourselves with friends and family who genuinely support and comfort us during times of stress and joy. Numerous studies claim that having a healthy relationship protects against mental disorders.

What is the meaning of having a consistent network of supportive friends and family?

Having a network of supportive friends and family does not mean that people should have thousands of Facebook or Instagram friends. It means that the time we invest in quality relationships over quantity or amassing an overwhelmingly exhausting number of fair-weather friends or as many friends as possible.

People should never trade quality for the sake of quantity. Instead, it is wise to focus on investing in core relationships with those equally and emotionally invested in you. Nurturing relationships with those you care about strengthens the relationship. Building a support group of quality relationships serves the purpose of intrinsically enriching the lives of all parties emotionally and socially invested.

Family and friendship are important - the benefits of family and friendship

As human beings, we all have a hierarchy of essential needs, such as physiological needs, emotional needs, social needs, and safety needs. Physiological needs include water, air, food, etc., safety needs include job security, a safe neighborhood, and a sense of comfort.

After the fulfillment of physiological comes safety needs. Safety needs refer to a sense of belonging to a social group and developing a deeper connection with family and friends. In addition, we also need people to provide their support, advice, and encouragement during hard times.

It is important to maintain a small circle of those whom you trust, can confide in, and feel closets too. Having a strong support network of those you can count on and those who will hold you accountable for taking care of yourself. Friendships can be extremely disastrous if the relationship is one-sided.

Therefore, one must have social outlets which add value and meaning to their lives.

It should also be noted that as human beings, we all possess distinctive personality traits and may have different social and emotional needs. Knowing your love language will help you ascertain your emotional and social needs as well as those of your loved ones. Hence, each person plays a different role in the life of another individual.

Good friends are those who can be trusted, who are loyal and can either listen or help you process during emotionally challenging and stressful times.

Having a variety of quality relationships with those who possess social and emotional needs both similar to and different than your own will make for longer-lasting and meaningful friendships. The friends we become the closest too, ultimately become our family.

Building of the social networks!

Building a network of quality relationships entails investing the time to keep in touch with your family members and friends. Spending quality time with those you love adds value to your life beyond superficial measures. Make plans for catching up over a cup of tea or coffee; perhaps dinner or cocktails. Even a phone chat or friendly text is good.

In short, remind those you love how much they add value and meaning to your life The easiest way of developing a continuous social network is by being genuinely invested in the lives of your loved ones. It will enable them to experience your sincerity and concern for them. It will surely assist you in nurturing relationships with those to who you should equally matter.

Communication and appreciation go a long way when it comes to nurturing meaningful relationships. Be mindful of the emotional and social needs of your loved ones. It will ensure your family and friends how important they are in your life. Sometimes, asking simple questions such as “how are you doing these days” “I am glad you are doing well,” etc., will strengthen your relations.

The time you invest in your loved ones produces positive outcomes of health and happy relationships.

Building meaningful relationships by shar8ng your favorite hobby or participating in the hobbies of your loved ones who share similar similar interests. Usually, sharing your life experiences with those you enjoy spending time with helps build lasting and meaningful friendships.

Qualities of Being A Good Friend!

  1. A good friend is loyal and dependable.

  2. A good friend is genuine and honest.

  3. A good friend is someone you can trust in confidence.

  4. A good friend is accepting and non-judgmental

  5. A good friend is supportive, patient, and understanding.

  6. A good friend is comforting, caring, and considerate.

  7. A good friend holds you accountable for doing what is best for yourself and others.

  8. A good friend is inspiring, encouraging, and positive.

  9. A good friend is someone you enjoy spending quality time with and someone who enjoys spending quality time with you.

  10. A good friend is always present and there for you when you need them.

No matter who we are or where we live, we all have problems in our lives. Having the support of our family and good friends is vital to our emotional and mental well-being.

Live your healthy and happy best. Subscribe to read more related blogs articles at It will surely offer a sense of support for you. Having a family and good friends who support us is all we need.


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