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Dieting Doesn't Work and Is Bad For You

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"Diet is a four-letter word that should never be used."

-Will Turner

Despite the promotion of the keto diet by all celebrities, restrictive diets don't usually work. Here is a breaking news flash for all those who insist on drinking toxic juice to cleanse their bodies. Numerous persons are obsessed with green juices and people who eat kale for dinner every day. Some diets might be successful, but most of the dieting doesn’t work. Apart from being harmful, they don't add even to any health. Thus, you should ask this question to yourself that Is dieting bad for you?

First of all, there is a narrative that we all are aware of and we all assume is correct. People usually think that less weight means a healthy body. It is not valid, says the famous Sarah Halter. She is the managing director and the family medicine specialist who treats numerous patients at the clinic in the UW neighborhood.

She once found out that many patients are regularly exercising and moving their bodies. Such people usually cut their cookies and other outside junk food but eat only healthy vegetables. Other types of patients have comparatively smaller bodies, but they never exercise and may not enjoy certain food items. Is dieting healthy or unhealthy is a tough question to answer.

This is because for deciding your overall health, numerous factors play a vital role. These could be your social relationships, habits, hobbies, spirituality, religion, and work-life balance. Your body weight and what you eat during the day play a primary role in deciding your physical and mental health and there are numerous reasons why dieting is bad?

The nutritional prices of dieting

Following a stringent diet means you are depriving yourself of many essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs. It certainly is never good for your overall mental and physical health.

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Halter says that the idea of not eating things like carbs is ridiculous. The human body's brain runs on glucose, and the primary source of such glucose is from carbs only. If you are moving your body, you need carbs. There is no good or evil in this.

It is just an essential body fuel. Dieting also fights with the way your body faces wiring. This trait game is available in the human body even before when food was scarce and took more effort to obtain it. Maintaining a strict diet is very hard. When you try to cut off foods that your body craves, you fight with nature and yourself. It sets you up for numerous failures and will force your brain to think that you are going to do what you don't want to do if you are asked not to eat the things you like at the initial stage. But, with time, such resistance becomes impossible.

It might be true for some people that losing weight promotes health. But going on a diet for shedding pounds will never work. People who park well-known diets witness different results with regards to weight. A piece study from 2008 shows that low-fat dieting is much better than low carb dieting.

But ultimately, none of the diets contributes to losing weight. Many people in both groups have gained a lot of weight even after following such diets. The study also displays that the most effective and efficient way for losing weight is limiting yourself to foods that contribute to health problems. Sirtfoods include items like processed food items or added sugars.

The psychological toll of diet culture as well as dieting

Halter Says that dieting has a significant impact on the mental health of the patient. Dieting is considered very stressful for many age groups. This is why dieting is unhealthy for numerous people. When you are on dieting, you constantly fight video sales and deny yourself the things your brain and body desperately want. You expect a speedy fix to work and to get where you want your body to be. But since it is not as easy as it looks, you have to deal with inevitable disappointments.

It connects losing weight with your worth. If you consider Your body weight as something you urgently need to fix and think of sticking to a strict personal diet, it might prove a personal failure. This place is a very unhealthy one to be.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Maintaining a food diary

If you want to keep a better record of what you are inserting into your body, you might consider maintaining a proper diary or notebook for tracking it. Recording down what you drink or eat every day might take a little effort, but it will provide you with a better picture of what you might want for making necessary changes.

It will depend on your lifestyle whether dieting is good or bad for you. If you are busy, take out 15 minutes of a busy schedule to maintain such an accurate food diary. It will assist you in your journey of bettering your health, mentally and physically.

Concluding it up

You should always eat what you wish for, without restricting your heart and taste buds. There will be nights where you can grab a tasty piece of cake for dinner. It doesn't fix that you will follow a rigorous keto night from the very next day. Your body weight and what you eat during the day play a primary role in deciding your physical and mental health.

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