If We are not Interacting with one another, EXPLORING THE WORLD or giving, we are not living. 

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They say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.

Meet WIL Turner, CEO, creative director, lifestyle consultant, physical, emotional, spiritual wellness coach, inspirational speaker, health and wellness Vlogger, podcast host and humanitarian at Living Well with WIL.  


To understand the mission of the Living Well Well With WiL brand, it is important we know the man who envisioned it.  He is one of Equinox Gym's top fitness, health and wellness coaches and Dallas Voice Reader's Voice Best fitness, health and wellness coaches of 2020 and 2021.  As an influential speaker, writer, wellness entrepreneur, philanthropist, community leader, educator of the year, Dallas Voice, and Equinox Gym's celebrated fitness trainer endearingly known as WiL, with one L; Chicago born, Atlanta, Texas, and New York raised; WiL is both a true northerner and southerner at heart. By testimony of his clients, family, and friends, WiL is undeniably a man blessed with many attributes, accomplishments, friends and a lifetime of experiences which he exuberantly, openly and graciously shares with his clients to help improve their quality of living.  


WiL's awareness of the importance of self-expression, self-exploration, self-preservation, self-awareness, accountability, integrity, and the fragility of the human condition, and his extensive professional background in physical fitness, behavioral and emotional wellness counseling, and lifestyle consulting make WiL one of the most sought after fitness, health, wellness, and  lifestyle consultant, Vloggers, Podcast host, spokespersons, and inspirational  speakers in the industry of health and wellness.


After a momentary departure from the modeling, and fitness world to self explore  and explore the profession of teaching, and to reconnect with himself;  ten years later, WiL returns to that which he loves, and most passionate about; fitness, fashion, and inspiring others.  Every relationship he builds remains uniquely sacred. There is no time too inconvenient, no problem too great or small that he can't help those who need him, resolve.  WiL prevails over the looming perils of a once dark and dismal place to share with us his  life experience and journey with profound self-reflection, style, grace, confidence, and a degree of humility which renders those he meets profoundly inspired.


Empowered by the challenges of many life enriching moments and confronting his own emotional, spiritual, social, and personal challenges as an aspiring model, celebrity fitness trainer, public figure, community leader, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur; will devotes himself not only to transforming his own life but the lives of his students, clients, social media followers, community family and friends. The support of WiL's family, friends, the LGBTQ community, his wellness regimen and support team at Ableto, has helped WiL overcome the stigmas of his struggles with emotional codependency,  social anxiety, depression, and PTSD. 

The transparency of WiL's personal life, views of the world, and professional experiences inspires and empowers his clients; while transcending the boundaries and limitations of social adversity, marginalization, ageism, sexism, racism, the blurred lines between black and white, religion and politics, hate and compassion, being gay or straight, rich or poor, male and female beauty, spiritual and social identity. 


Living well with will is a unique and visionary brand with it's own platform to provided services to its clients both in virtual and real time. Follow WiL and Living Well With WiL on Instagram. 




  • Trained ISSA, NASM, NFTA, EQUINOX Fitness, Health, and Wellness Specialist.

  • Equinox Gym best fitness trainer.

  • Dallas Voice Best Trainer of The Year 2020 and 2021

  • SBDC, and People Fund's Entrepreneur of the year. 

  • DISD Teacher of The Year Award.

  • GPISD Teacher of The Year Award.

  • Osceola County Teacher of the Year Award.

  • Impulse Group Volunteer of The Year Award.

  • Legacy Counseling Volunteer of The Year Award.

  • The Dallas Red Foundation's Volunteer of The Year Award. 

  • Mental Health Association Employee of The Year Award.

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"The present is the only window of opportunity we have to inspire and make a difference in the lives of others, and the  world." 

-WiL Turner 

CEO, Creative Director, Celebrated Physical Health, Wellness, Lifestyle Consultant, Podcast Host & Humanitarian  

"The diversity and depth of WiL's personal life, relationships, and professional career in education, fitness training, wellness coaching, behavioral counseling, physical and mental health, fashion, community leadership, service to others, and social philanthropy span over a decade as he continues to influence the way people around the world think, communicate, socially interact, look, feel, give, and live."  New York Daily and Dallas Voice