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Are you done with feeling like you are on an island all by yourself, mentally, emotionally exhausted, anxious, stressed, disappointed, depressed or that your life has no purpose? 

Redefine your life, relationships, and the things that have happened to you, to heal by the process of shifting your mindset and taking better care of yourself. 

Wellness Coaching



I'm WiL Turner,

Service to help others is my purpose and my passion.

My faith in others to be supportive, genuine, loving, honest, faithful, loyal, dependable, responsible, accountable friends, and human beings became the catalyst to my distrust, the state of my depression, and constant emotional disparage which for years prevented me from forming healthy boundaries, friendships, and relationships. I was unable to express or receive love or to see the good in those of my loved ones and friends who by choice accepted me as I was. I was unable to live beyond the limitations of myself and the circumstances of my past. The past, present, and future remained what seemed would be forever jumbled inside my head.

After many years of disappointments, personal and professional failures, mental and emotional episodes, I grew exhausted in the silence of my sense of loneliness and suffering. The challenges of overcoming my own depression and anxiety seemed hopeless. It wasn't until the day came I physically collapsed alone at home and was unable to move that I realized my stress and anxiety had all become too real. Unfortunately, this happened on a number of other occasions. My mind, body and soul were physically, mentally, and emotionally done with relationships, friendships, my occupation as a teacher, and life in general.  


It was not until after these occasions I decided to seek the help I needed. Thanks to my therapist Jane and amazing wellness team of supports I was able to redirect my focus into what mattered. It was time I invested the same unconditional love, thoughtfulness, time, care and energy into myself that I did my clients, loved ones, and friends. Jane reminded me that my sense of self, compassion, loyalty, and friendship were all gifts I was given and chose to give to the wrong people.

She used the metaphor of seek water in wells where there was none from which I had access. For years, I kept going back to the same dry wells expecting their to be water. My expectation of others to conduct and navigate their lives by the guide of the same principles and compass I felt they should incubated my perpetual disappointment in others and humanity in general.


Emotional and social bonding is important to all of our wellbeing. Yet some of us desire what we want, when we want it without care or consideration of those around us, consequence, reciprocation or holding ourselves accountable to do our part in nurturing genuine and meaningful relationships.  


After many years of nurturing relationships that did not serve me, I came to embrace the awakening epiphany that my unhappiness was attributed to a father who abandoned me, the loss of a mother, and my self imposed duty to be the gate keeper, supporter, and carrier of everyone else's emotional baggage. When called to task, the friends I thought I had could not be counted on or trusted to accommodate my emotional and social needs. I was a true friend to many but discovered I had none! I was on an island unto myself. It was then I began my journey towards taking better care of myself in order to fulfill my purpose of helping others take better care of themselves.

Wellness Coaching for men

Self-awareness, family, friendship, community, healthy relationships, and taking care of one's self intrinsically, mentally, physically, and socially are key to living a healthy, happy, purposeful and fulfilling life. I provide my clients a wide range of services in restorative health and wellness that addresses all aspects of wellness to support their emotional and social needs by nurturing the whole self. This platform allows me to share my professional experience and personal journey of overcoming my mental, emotional, spiritual, and social struggles while providing a safe space for my clients to express their thoughts, feelings and take better care of themselves in mind, body, and spirit. My experiences and having the support of those who have supported me on my journey, gives me purpose and hope. 

My Dedication and Commitment To Support You On Your Journey Towards Health & Happiness Is The Difference


The first step towards a healthy and happy life begins with you and surrounding yourself by those who support you.


My clients understand the the intrinsic connection between family, friendship, community, the mind, body and spirit, in addition to the importance and impact of taking care of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.

-WiL Turner

Men's Restorative Health & Wellness Workshops


Take time to meditate and self reflect.

Living Well with WiL’s broader purpose and commitment is to support hetero and gay men who are victims and survivors of sexual abuse, those whose lives are impacted by addiction, emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, HIV and mental illness procured by the social stigmas of masculinity and sexuality by providing a variety of opportunities, and healthy outlets for men of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles to share in the experience and process of their healing by bonding and communicating in healthy and  meaningful ways. 

To serve my clients to a greater capacity, my goal is to collaborate with organizations, destination resorts and retreats across the globe to facilitate restorative fitness, health, and wellness support groups and workshops for men seeking to restore a healthy relationship with themselves and one another as they share in the experiences of healing and wellbeing.  I embrace and advocate to establish health and wellness programs which serve those historically marginalized as members of LGBTQIA+ communities. My restorative health and wellness workshops serve the purpose of bringing like minded individuals together and to address the urgent need of support groups for men whos lives are impacted by stress, anxiety, depression, emotional and sexual trauma, PTSD, and HIV. 


Supporting the LGBTQIA community and those whose lives are impacted by HIV

Live The Healthy and Happy Life You Deserve 


To support and take care of others you must take care of yourself.


As human beings, we are all emotional and social beings with a variety of psychological, physical, emotional, and social needs. We all desire to be supported, valued and loved. Given today's social norms regarding their responsibility and role men play in society and men's health related to depression, PTSD, and mental illness; negative social stigmas impacts the lives of men all around the world in a variety of ways.

The social stereotypes and misperception of masculinity and male sexuality are nurtured by our childhood and what we were taught to believe. Social stigmas and stereotypes regarding masculinity, male relationships, how the world views men and how men view themselves greatly impacts their sense of belonging, self worth, health, and well being. 

The stereotypes and stigmas of heterosexual and gay masculinity, and sexuality influence how men feel about themselves, and how they socially interact. This is also true as it relates to how well men take care of themselves, and one another.  I founded Living Well With WiL to support men, and those whose experiences and traumas have held them back from living the healthy and happy lives they deserve. 


There is nothing more healing than human bonding and conversation.


The benefits of my restorative health and wellness programs serve to procure the healing process, nurture healthy relationships, and dispel the stigmas and myths of emotional frailty and mental illness by offering my support to those whose lives are impacted by trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, abuse, and HIV a safe space to share dialogue, bond, self-reflect, and progress in their healing process.


My restorative health and wellness programs provide opportunities for conversation, self-reflection, positive interpersonal social interactions, and alternative solutions to traditional therapy and expensive medications by nurturing the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being of my clients from the inside outward in the form of restorative private and group physical health and wellness workshops and retreats. 


My restorative mental health and wellness program is a guided 40 minute self reflective and meditative workshop which serves the purpose of helping participants reflect and reset the balance of their thinking and mindset to mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially live healthier and happier lives. 


My restorative physical health and wellness program is a 40 minute private and group fitness program which serves the purpose of reducing stress, improving mental acuity, stamina, endurance, strength, agility, flexibility, mobility, and longevity. 


In order to bridge the social gap between men of all demographics and backgrounds, and those whose lives are adversely impacted physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially is to provide safe spaces in which they can openly share their experiences and socially interact in a positive way. 


The primary purpose of my restorative physical health and wellness program is to address physical and mental health from the perspective of self preservation and prevention by providing my clients, followers, consumers and constituents with a unique quality of services and programs in restorative physical health and wellness coaching that supports and nurtures the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health and well being of the whole individual.


Men's Restorative Health & Wellness Support

Health and wellness coaching for men.

Men's 1 on 1 Restorative Wellness Coaching


Mental health and wellness

Wellness Retreats


Men's support group in Dallas.

Men's Restorative Wellness Group


Healthy relationships improves your quality of life

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Regular exercise reduces stress and improves your quality of life.

Men's Restorative Fitness Coaching 


Fitness programs for mental wellness

Group Fitness Workshops 


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