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Look Better!

Feel Better!

Live Better!

"Stop comparing yourself to others. There is no better you."

-WiL Turner


As Dallas Voice's nominated winner of best fitness trainer, physical health and wellness program specialist of the year two years in a row, and ISSA, Equinox, Gold's gym and YMCA's most celebrated and sought after physical health and wellness coaches, WiL continues to share his experience working in the physical health and wellness industry for over 30 years by developing programs designed to transform the minds, bodies, spirits, and lives of all his clients.

It's more than just fitness. Will shares his personal and professional experiences in fitness training, wellness coaching, nutrition, integrated yoga, strength conditioning, resistance training, functional training, active stretching, mindful meditation, and behavioral counseling to educate and empower his clients to be better and healthier versions of themselves. His goal is to make the world a healthier and happier place by closing the gaps between individuals, families, communities and business enterprise through educating to empower and motivating us to keep moving forward by helping every individual take better care of themselves so they are healthy, happy more focused and productive contributing members to society and the work place.


During his second interview with Voyage Dallas it was even more evident that WIL is one who cares deeply about the health of his clients, family, friends and community, as well as one who lives by the principles of mindfulness, accountability, relationship building, compassion, communication and collaboration while making the fitness and wellness experience one that is all encompassing, informative, transformative, socially engaging, sustainable, and fun. 


Whether online, at home, in the work place, park, gym, or traveling,  WiL is available to offer my clients a variety of solutions in fitness, health, wellness and nutrition programs for them to proactively take better care of themselves in mind, body, and spirit.  Check out WiL's health and wellness blog page. 

-Dallas Voyage




Look Better!

Feel Better!

Live Better!


Programs and Services

Why WiL 

"Pour into yourself and those who pour into you."

-WiL Turner

Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing are important. The slogan, It's more than just fitness speaks for itself. Living well with WiL is about service to others and helping people take better care of themselves in mind, body, and spirit.


As one who values health, community, family, friendship, and nurturing meaningful relationships, I conceived the Living Well with WiL brand, it's blog, podcast, and apparel line, developed the FIITT with WiL exercise program, the 8 Principles To Health, Happiness, Wellness and Success Workbook and workshop, and shared some of my favorite recipes in the "Eat It" recipe guide.


My goal is to build an enterprise in fitness, health and wellness to provide a hybrid platform, variety of resources and support systems to guide my clients, loved ones, and friends on their path towards living the healthy and happy lives they deserve while supporting those whose lives are impacted by stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.  


I understands the negative impact of stress, anx depression, adversity trauma, as well as the positive outcomes of sacrifice, compassion, self-worth, resilience, determination, dedication, regular exercise, healthy eating and helping others. The value of taking care of ones self, staying connected to family and friends allows us to be present for ourselves, our communities and those we love. There is a much deeper intrinsic connections between the mind, body, spirit and giving.


The intertwining principles of service to others, my  experience with over coming my own personal, physical, emotional, spiritual and social challenges and my professional

experience in education, behavioral counseling, fitness training, nutrition, integrated yoga, meditation, active stretching, health and wellness program design serves the greater purpose of my life goals to help my clients improve the way the look, feel, socially interact, give and live.





My goal is to make the world a healthier and happier place by sharing my professional and personal experiences with everyone around the world.  Whether fitness training, emotional support, eating better or guiding you on the path towards nurturing the healthy and happy life you deserve; I am here to help you reach your goals.  Visit my blog and view more information about your fitness goals.

FIITT 1 on 1




FIITT 1 on 1 private fitness and wellness packages give you the best opportunity to succeed at being the best version of yourself that you can be. After you meet and discuss your goals, WiL designs a program especially tailored to guide you on your path towards living a healthier and happier life in mind, body, and spirit.

An asian woman squatting

EAT IT! RECIPE BOOK & Meal Prep Guide


Eat the foods you love and live.


Diet is a four letter word he never uses. As an avid cook and foodie, WiL has put together a fantastic recipe book that offers a variety of easy to make, healthier meal choices for you and his clients.  WiL has spent years cooking for his family and friends. He has devoted his time in the kitchen to preparing and finding healthy alternatives to help you plan and prepare meals which are not only easy to make,  but nutritious and delicious! The goal is to change the negative narrative of your relationship with food. 


Along with WiL's FIITT exercise program and meal prep planner; the three are a perfect combination to provide you with the options of  preparing a variety of  recipes and designing your own exercise programs to keep you focused on your journey towards reaching your health and wellness goals both in the kitchen and the gym by helping you nurture a healthy relationship with food and yourself. 


The Eat It recipe book, FIITT exercise, journal and meal planner make excellent gifts for those you love,  who love to cook, eat and exercise. 

Wellness Program

FIITT Workout Program


Regular exercise and eating healthier improves your physical health, mood and quality of life. The FIITT step by step exercise planner, "Eat It" healthy recipe book and easy meal prep planner includes everything you need to guide you on the path towards looking better, feeling better and living the healthy and happy life you deserve. 

Look Better!

Feel Better!

Live Better!

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