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Thanks for supporting the mission of FIITT For Life and Living Well With WiL


Support the mission

of Living Well with WiL

Giving to support others and the communities we live in improves our quality of life.  Feel better by giving. 


The support of generous donors and sponsors like you moves forward the philanthropic endeavors of Living Well With WiL to provide services in health and wellness to those whose lives are impacted by HIV, depression, stress, anxiety, and PTSD. My fitness training program is a great resource as well.


I love Dallas, my clients and the diverse demographic of the people I serve.  As the a Social Philanthropist, LGBTQ advocate and the founder of Living Well with WiL, giving, helping my clients live healthier and happier lives and service to others has enriched my life beyond measure.  Please join me on the journey towards making the world a healthier and happier place.  Your contributions go to provide my support and service to those whose lives are impacted by depression, PTSD and HIV. 

"That we give of our ourselves by being of services to others is a gift that can only be measured in the giving."  — WiL Turner

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