When people come together to support and take care of one another; lasting friendships and memories are made, lives are changed and amazing things in our  lives happen!


Helping my clients live healthier and happier lives, and bringing people of diverse backgrounds professions and lifestyles together is what I love and do best!  Living Well With WIL is a digital, visual, audio, and social media platform which support the health and progress of the community in mind, body and spir.  

The mission of Living Well With WiL is to nurture meaningfully healthy relationships, physical, and emotional wellness and making the world a healthier and happier place, while bridging the social gaps between corporate enterprise, communities, families, and friends through  compassion, cause, conversation, collaboration, networking, wellness by bringing those of diverse backgrounds, professions, lifestyles, ages, and gender orientations together in real time and in the digital world.  


The uniqueness of Living Well With WiL acknowledges the empowering effects of compassion, conversation, fellowship, networking, the sharing of information, positive social interactions and self-awareness, physical, emotional and mental well-being, community, faith, family, friendship, cause, collaboration, and the celebration of one another.  


The over arching goal of Living well with WiL is to support the health of of all people by providing them with the resources, and a platform which shows what taking care of ourselves, and one another looks like. and feels like. In addition to nurturing solidarity, and meaningful relationships, and reshaping the social narrative of the way we communicate, think. look, feel, socially interact, give, and live. 

Through the leveraging of my professional expertise and backgrounds in education, behavioral counseling, fitness, health and wellness, community service, social philanthropy, fashion, public speaking and hospitality; allows the Living Well with WIL brand the opportunity to offer a broader variety of services, platforms, resources, venues, and spaces for essential workers, educators, corporate professionals, those seeking to live healthier and happier lives and my social media followers to take care of themselves and one another in mind, body, and spirit, while nurturing positive social interactions, a greater sense of purpose, duty to cause, and commitment to community and philanthropy among those of all ages, gender orientations, ethnicity, professional backgrounds, and lifestyles.  

Supporting a good cause.

"Pouring into those who equally pour into us; nurtures ones well being, builds meaningful relationships, and contributes to our communities and the global world to a greater capacity."

- WiL Turner,

Founder of Living Well With WiL 

Dallas Red Foudation board members.

Dallas Red Foundation's Chairmans of the Board 

Margaritta Ball charity event

Dare | Dream | BELEIVE | ACHEIVE 

In a world where our lives are measured by time, material possessions, our physical appearance, net-worth, occupations, social circles, religious and political views;  as an fitness, health, wellness and lifestyle consultant, educator, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur, writer,  LGBTQ advocate, humanitarian, spokesperson, podcast host, creative director and founder of the merging brands of Living Well With WiL, Cocktails, and Conversation With WIL, Fusion40Fitness, Body Dynamics, Absolutions, Flexology, Inferno, Fiittness In The Parks, FIITT Together, and the FIITT With WiL exercise program; I am proud and humbled by the experiencing of being raised by my sisters, having such amazing friends and the brand I endeavor to further nurture.  


All seamlessly stitched together by the support of my family, and a group of amazing friends. 


Margaritta Ball Gala

Dallas Red Foundation Charity event with J Sutta of The Pussycat Dolls
The FIITT for Life Calendar photo shoot.

FIITT For Life Calendar Photo Shoot 

Dallas Red Foundation HIV Awareness Charity event with Jessica Sutta and  Cassandra Cass 

Dallas Red Foundation charity event with Cassandra Cass.