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The work environment can be a hectic and stressful place. When team morale is low, so is work productivity. Physical and mental wellness are the foundations of healthy, happy, and productive employees. My experience as a Health and Wellness Program Specialist is to design wellness program to boost team morale, collaboration, employee's physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. The goal of the FIIITT exercise program and 8 Principles to Health, Happiness, Wellness and Success workshop is is to increase morale, mental focus, teamwork and productivity. 

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What I Provide

Service are available onsite and online. The rate for an initial consultation is $500.00. Rate includes a scheduled 40-minute consulting session to discuss facilitation needs and a general outline of which of Living Well With WiL physical health and wellness coaching programs will best nurture employees' physical, mental, emotional, social well-being and professional productivity.  Rates for corporate fitness, health and wellness programs will vary according to quantity of employees and type of wellness program subscribed to. 

To inquire contact founder, physical health education and wellness program specialist WiL Turner at 


Wellness Coaching

Having a healthy live and work balance is important to us all. Healthy and happy employees are viable assets to the growth of every company and the communities they live in. Providing a cost effective comprehensive health and wellness program that will help increase, morale, collaboration and productivity helps both the company and its employees to flourish.  

"A healthy and happy individual is a more productive individual." 

— WiL Turner

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