"Our lives are measured by the quality of what we pour into them, those we pour into and those who equally pour into us. What we conceive in our minds, feel in our hearts, and the manner in which we socially interact and conduct ourselves manifests into our life."

-WiL Turner 

Where There is WiL, There is a way! 


My name is WiL Turner.


I am the founder, and creative director of Living Well With WIL fitness, health, wellness and lifestyle consulting. My compassion for people, and the causes I believe in drives me forward to make the world a healthier and happier place.  I put the personal back into personal fitness, health and wellness by helping my clients re-design the foundation of the way they think, look, feel, socially interact, give, and live.


Everyone deserves to live a healthier, happier and better quality of life. The mission of Living Well With WiL is nurtured by the principles, and power of compassion, conversation, giving, cause, collaboration, networking, and taking care of self, while supporting each other in the collective endeavor of living the healthy and happy lives we all deserve.  It is in our human nature and need to be affirmed, to socially interact, and to feel accomplished. We are all seeking someone to listen, to help us process, and to support us in our endeavor of being better versions of ourselves. 

My priority as an educator, fitness, health, wellness, and lifestyle consultant, inspirational speaker, spokes person, community leader, , LGBTQ advocate, humanitarian, podcast host, and writer is to provide a variety of innovative and sustainable solutions in fitness, health and wellness resources, supports and platforms and to redirect my clients invested emotional and physical energy specifically into achieving their personal and professional goals by helping them tap into their life's purpose, nurture healthy relationships and maintaining a sustainably, healthy and happy life.


Given the world's pandemic it seems as though compassion and sustainable long term personal fitness, health and wellness solutions for those of us in need of support is secondary in the grander scheme of  what is most important. I dedicate my life to educating, empowering, and elevating those seeking to live healthier and happier lives in mind, body, and spirit.


The broad demographic of my clients includes teachers, essential workers, cooperate businesses and working professionals, stay at home moms, housewives, college students, doctors, attorneys, city officials, community leaders, celebrities, and those seeking to live a healthier and happier quality of life and to be better versions of themselves. 


I help my clients redesign the way they think, look, feel, socially interact, give, and live through the principles of compassion, giving, cause, conversation, collaboration, networking,  the celebration of one another, fitness, fashion, food, and having fun.





​My compassion for others is nurtured by a father I never met, the death of my resiliently, loving and nurturing mother who passed away when I was twelve, a childhood of overcoming many life enriching adversities and being raised by my three oldest sisters of whom their compassion, sacrifices, prayers and guided wisdom have nurtured my sense of purpose, appreciation for the life I have been granted, and my desire to help others acknowledge their potential and purpose in life. 

​My life is dedicated to continuing the legacy of my mother's and sisters' compassion, wisdom and nurturing, and the greater purpose in my life to do my part to nurture meaningful relationships, a better quality of life and memories among my clients,  community, family, and friends; while equally devoting my emotional energy, time, and efforts towards mending the frailty of human kind's physical, mental, emotional, and social divides by bringing those of diverse backgrounds, ages, genders, professions, and lifestyle together in virtual and real time via the web and my social media platforms. 

"Our life experiences shape the people we are striving to become." 

-WiL Turner 


REDESIGN THE WAY YOU THINK, LOOK, FEEL, socially interact, GIVE, & LIVE. Follow ME on FACEBOOK and instagram. 

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