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With the support of friends, family and those who see you; through my professional expertise, personal experiences and struggles with overcoming the limitation of anxiety, depression, and my own emotional and psychological traumas; I know first-hand your journey towards health, happiness, and healing is possible.


My clients’ testimonials, referrals, and leads are the catalyst of my greater mission to support the physical health and wellness endeavors of th from various backgrounds and lifestyles.


I have been transforming bodies and changing lives since 2010. As the founder of Living Well With WiL, I am dedicated to providing personalized and flexible solutions to  help my clients meet their lifestyle, health and wellness needs. I offer a range of services that promote healthy living, relationship building, meal prep and cooking workshops, lifestyle, fitness coaching, stress and anxiety management techniques.


I am passionate about helping my clients achieve optimal health by helping them take good care of their health in mind-body-spirit.

Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you reach your full potential.

My Client Testimonies 

David Dixon 62

Interior Designer & Architect

Wil — when I read your interview in Dallas Voice. I was amazed! I am 62 yo and have been involved in athletics and training since I was 10.


Over the years I have learned to live a fitness lifestyle. And, you are so right —-fitness is physical, mental, and spiritual. I’m in the gym 3 times/week for strength and cardio. Stretching and back Yoga every other day. Meditation (TM) twice a day. I have learned to practice moderation in all things– do not smoke or drink.

I have learned to live a spiritually based life centered around the concept of maximum fitness.

There is a world of “aging baby-boomers” who are watching their bodies deteriorate. They dread getting older and sliding into irreversible decline. They don’t know what to do and many are afraid it’s too late to do anything about it. For many, exercise and fitness bring up bad memories.


Maybe I could do something to help those people. My dream is to learn to do what you do, and reach out and share what I have learned. I believe this could actually save lives and bring a sense of serenity to those willing to begin a fitness lifestyle. In the long run, the pleasure is so much greater than the pain. HOWEVER——-I have no credentials. And, I am an “older guy”. Is this possible? How would I start? I need your advice. I would love the opportunity to talk with you.

Client Testimony

Preston Watson 35

Hair Stylist

My experience with Living Well with Wil has been AWESOME! The thing I like most is how he not only concentrates on helping with your physical fitness goal but your overall mental and emotional fitness as well. A one-stop shop! Wil goes above and beyond and truly has a dedicated passion for helping people live their BEST life! I’m so glad I found the organization!

- Preston Watson

Client Testimony

Thomas Behrmann 35

Legal Attourney

I worked with Wil Turner  for over the course of a year. While personal training and taking care of myself seemed a luxury, Will helped me in tangible ways by helping to identify and correct areas of wellness, tension and/or weakness and bring more balance to my overall posture and physique. He was also integral in helping me to identify areas of my body and life where I had specific goals, and by using incrementally challenging exercises, not only did my overall muscle tone, stability, functionality, and proportion improved, in addition to my original weight loss goal; so did my mental and emotional and confidence in myself. 

Client Testimony

My Client Testimonies 

Tomas Gorgie 40

Investment Banker

Thomas Georgi, 40

Wil Turner’s knowledge of the latest fitness & training methods, his familiarity with physical therapy, and his natural gift as a personal motivator are the three core reasons why I highly recommend him as a trainer. Will helped to dramatically improve my quality of life by teaching me to work out despite a sports injury. He also corrected my posture and form while working out thereby reducing strains and soreness. Will’s naturally sunny personality, good nature, and sense of humor help to make our sessions the highlight of my week. 

Men's Health and Wellness Coach
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